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Plutus Weekly Report — Pluton Rewards Program, Bloomberg, and much more.

Welcome to the Plutus Weekly Report on the 25th of October.

At Plutus, we understand that mobile apps need to handle tremendously well before they are able to grow to a worldwide audience.

To make this happen, our team is currently hosting an internal UX (user experience) session in London. The purpose of this session is to improve the accessibility of our app and plan the addition of our upcoming feature-set.

The Plutus app will be out of BETA in Q1 2019, where an update for the app will be released (including debit cards) which will include fees for Bitcoin and Ether deposits and the much-awaited Pluton reward programs.

You can now download the latest updated BETA version of our Plutus Tap & Pay app (for Android or iOS) and enjoy rapid crypto-to-fiat conversions with zero fees.

Using the power of SEPA transfers, Plutus Tap & Pay is quite possibly the fastest way to get from cryptocurrencies to a bank account balance.

Access your funds whenever you need them, with Plutus Tap & Pay app.

This week in active development:

  • Participating in the London UX Session (as mentioned above).
  • Currently integrating the services of our new card provider, which is our top priority.
  • Reviewed the Android and iOS app flows.
  • Updated the Pluton Calculator (bug fixes).
  • Added better monitoring of all aspects of our platform.
  • Implemented a scalable notification system.
  • Stress test the PlutudDEX’ order-matching engine
  • Completed misc. quality assurance.

Bloomberg has reached out to our CEO and Founder Danial Daychopan for commentary regarding the recent stability of the Bitcoin price, and the underlying mechanics at hand.

As stated in the Plutus White Paper, the only official and sanctioned way of obtaining PLU is via the PlutusDEX or the upcoming Pluton reward program.

However, as a community initiative, PLU is listed on several third-party exchanges and more are in touch to have Pluton listed. You can use Twitter to tag any of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, along with @Plutusit, #PLU and #CryptoAnywhere in an effort to speed up the Pluton listing.

Plutus is waiting for you on Telegram

Our Telegram channel is the perfect place to get introduced to Plutus, ask questions about Pluton, bounties and giveaways, as well as get help regarding our app and services.

If you have any questions, or difficulties using the app, this is where to go:

Please note: To ensure the best experience for new users and the quick resolution of support tickets, this channel has a rather strict content policy.

Need to know what happens when it happens? Make sure you follow our Medium blog. All updates will be posted here on Medium before anywhere else.

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to us on our Telegram support channel. Our team will be glad to assist you.

Make sure to take a look at our new Medium publication where you will find all recent Plutus evergreen content:

And because we are committed to supporting decentralised alternatives to mainstream applications, we now also have a SteemIT page as well:





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