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Update | 5 Things You Should Be Excited For This Month

Here are 5 features arriving in March that you should be excited about!

1) Perks

As part of Rewards & Accounts 2.0, our Perks programme is undergoing significant improvements.

Below is the complete list of the 20 Perks arriving this month.

Plutus has plans to release additional Bonus Perks in the following months.

a) Subscription-based Perks

Receive up to a 100% rebate in PLU each month on all Subscription-based Perks (Netflix, Spotify, Prime, Disney+, Apple One, and Deliveroo Plus).

Note: See FAQ section for more details.

b) In-Store/Online Perks

Receive up to £/€ 10 in PLU rebate per month on all other Perks.

Customers have freedom of choice to select the Perk/s of their choice and change them at any time.

How many Perks can I get?

  • Receive 1–3 Perks depending on your Subscription Plan.
  • Boost this up to 8 Perks by staking PLU

Even our free Starter Plan includes a free Card, free Perk, and 3% in Crypto Rewards.

2) Rewards

All Subscription Plans earn 3% in PLU Rewards.

This month, those who stake PLU can soon enjoy significantly higher reward rates of up to 8%. This creates an additional utility for Pluton and an opportunity to earn higher Rewards.

Plutus is ensuring that the Staking Levels (to unlock higher reward rates) are attainable via its various reward avenues.

3) Improved Fees

Plutus has improved its fee structure and removed many of the smaller charges that can create friction for users (e.g. Card Decline charges).

4) Referral Programme

Plutus is introducing a much-anticipated referral programme!

Customers will be able to share their Referral link with friends and family and earn additional PLU Rewards in the process.

Both the referrer and the referee will earn rewards.

  • Referrer = $10 in PLU
  • Referee = $10 in PLU

5) App Revamp

Plutus is updating large sections of the mobile app. This includes:

  • In-app Guides
  • Onboarding Flow
  • Bio-metric Login
  • Rewards & Perks Dashboard

We are making the entire sign-up process smoother so new customers can enjoy efficient access to one of the most rewarding Crypto-linked Debit Cards available.

More to Come…

As always, the team has plenty of exciting developments underway, which includes the Web Revamp, Layer 2 Solution, DEX release on mobile and more so stay tuned!

If you are yet to order your Plutus Card, do so below.
Order Card:

Remember, even our Starter Plan includes a free Card, free Perk, and 3% in Pluton Rewards.

Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with Plutus as the news comes.


Which Subscription-based Perks are eligible for the 100% rebate in PLU?

The idea is to cover the highest plan under £/€10.
If all plans are over £/€10, then we will match the lowest plan.

  • Receive a 100% rebate on all Subscription-based Perks under £10.
    See Apple One Example.
  • Receive a 100% rebate on the entry-level plan for all Subscription-based Perks over £10. See Apple One Example.

Deliveroo Example
Deliveroo Plus Silver = £3.49 / Month
Deliveroo Plus Gold = £7.99 / Month

All Perk plans are under £10, therefore the user receives a 100% rebate on all Deliveroo Plus plans.

Apple One Example
Apple One Individual = £14.99
Apple One Family = £19.99

Perk plans are over £10, therefore the user receives a 100% rebate on up to the entry-level plan (i.e. £14.99 in PLU).

What happens if I use the Apple One Family plan?
You will still receive a rebate up to the value of the entry-level plan (i.e. Individual plan) which is £14.99 in PLU.



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