Update | Improved Card Top-Up Flow

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3 min readAug 24, 2022


Plutus has improved the card top-up flow!

Have you experienced an issue with topping up your Plutus Card? The team has implemented a technical patch to ensure card top-ups work seamlessly.

Technical Patch

Transferring funds from your Current Account to your Card will now consistently work, however, they may take up to 1 business day to be processed (typically closer to 1–2 hours).

Bank-like Solution

The team is also working on a longer-term solution that will permit instant top-ups without friction. This is part of our pivot toward a more bank-like app as highlighted on our roadmap.

Additional Measures

In order to improve our services and enhance the user experience for affected EEA customers, we are taking additional positive measures.

1) Subscription Refund

If you have an active subscription and were unable to make a single card top-up the entire time between 1st Aug 2022, 00:00 BST20th Aug 2022, 23:59 BST, then the value of your subscription will be returned to you in PLU (€4.99 for Everyday, €14.99 for Premium). This applies to affected EEA customers only.

2) Top-up Incentive

Top up your Plutus Card between 23rd Aug 2022, 17:00 BST31st Aug 2022, 23:59 BST and we will add a one-time bonus reward of $10 worth of PLU to your account. This applies only to EEA customers who top up more than €/500 during this time.

3) Removed Withdrawal Fee

All fiat withdrawal fees have been removed until 31st August 2022 for EUR-denominated cardholders.

Reward Date: Both the Subscription Refund and the Top-Up Incentive rewards will be added to eligible customers’ accounts on 5th September 2022.


I upgraded my subscription after 20th August, will I get the subscription refund?

No, only users with an active subscription between 1st Aug 2022, 00:00 BST20th Aug 2022, 23:59 BST will be eligible for the subscription refund.

Sometimes my card top-ups worked, other times id didn’t. Am I eligible for the subscription refund?

No, only users who were unable to make any card top-ups are eligible.

If I top up with less than 500 EUR, will I receive the Top-Up Incentive?

No, users must top-up their Plutus Card with an amount over 500 EUR between 23rd Aug 2022, 17:00 BST31st Aug 2022, 23:59 BST in order to receive the $10 in PLU top-up incentive. This can be done across multiple top-ups (e.g. two top-ups within the dates of 250 EUR).

I did not get my subscription refund or the top-up incentive, what can I do?

Rewards will be distributed on 5th September 2022. If you do not receive the refund after this date, it may be that you were not eligible. If you believe there has been a mistake, then please contact the Support team via helpdesk and we will review your account.

Why are we not removing the GBP withdrawal fee?

There are no top-up issues for GBP-denominated cardholders.

Is the EUR withdrawal fee removal permanent?

No, it is temporary. The EUR withdrawal fee will return on 31st August 2022.

What about the PLU withdrawal to a wallet fee?

No changes. These will be lowered with the L2 update.




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