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3 min readOct 25, 2022


A new and improved version of the PlutusDEX has been released on mobile for EEA-region customers!

So, what new features can you enjoy?

What’s New?

1) User Interface

EEA customers can now swap crypto (ETH, PLU) and fiat (EUR) on the move via any mobile device. All PlutusDEX screens have been revamped so that you can enjoy a slicker user experience.

2) Non-Custodial

Customers can connect their personal crypto wallet to the Plutus mobile app without revealing their seed phrase or private keys. This provides you with heightened security and further aligns Plutus with its non-custodial values.

3) More Supported Wallets

The mobile PlutusDEX will now support 170+ wallets including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, and other popular options!

Why is the PlutusDEX Unique?

There are three features to the PlutusDEX that make it one-of-a-kind.

1) Crypto-Fiat Swaps

The majority of DEXs offer only crypto-crypto pairings. Plutus is one of the only DEXs on the market that allows you to swap crypto-fiat — a very rare feature.

2) Mobile Compatible

Similarly, most DEXs are only available on desktops. A peer-to-peer exchange that allows you to swap crypto and fiat from any mobile device whilst retaining sole control over your private keys is highly uncommon.

3) Card Top-Ups

Not only does the PlutusDEX allow you to swap your crypto for fiat, but the money can arrive directly onto a Visa Debit Card ready for spending — meaning you can effectively use your crypto at 100+ million merchants worldwide.

How Do I Use the PlutusDEX on Mobile?

Check out our video guide on how to use the PlutusDEX on mobile below.

For further details on how to connect a wallet, please read our guide here >


What is the situation with the UK DEX?

Our application for a UK Crypto-asset License, which will allow Plutus to re-enable the PlutusDEX in the UK, remains under review by the FCA. Plutus has submitted everything required and has no control over the length of time it takes to process this application.

What currencies are supported?

Plutus supports two pairings:


What are the fees?

The DEX fees depend on your subscription plan:

  • 1% for Starters
  • 0% for Everyday/Premium

The fee is always taken in fiat form. For example, if you sell ETH, it will be taken from the resulting fiat that you receive from the swap. If you buy ETH, it will be included in the total price.

What are the limits?

  • PLU = 30 EUR / day
  • ETH = 500 EUR / day

Why did some users get this feature earlier than me?

This feature was rolled out in phases from 10th October — 25th October to ensure the best user experience.

Do the changes apply to the web app? Or mobile-only?

These changes apply to the mobile app (EEA only). The process of connecting a wallet and swapping crypto via the web version of the app differs slightly.

Does PLU in a connected mobile wallet contribute to my Total PLU balance? Can I upgrade my Reward Level on mobile?

Not yet, any PLU in a connected mobile wallet will not contribute towards your Total PLU balance. For now, connect wallets to the web version of the app to upgrade your Reward Level.

Can I disconnect a wallet?

Yes, if you no longer wish to have a mobile wallet connected, you can simply disconnect it in-app.




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