Update | Reduced PLU Withdrawal Fees (07/09/22)

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2 min readSep 7, 2022


Plutus has reduced its PLU withdrawal fees!

As of 7th September 2022, 11:30 BST, PLU withdrawal fees have been reduced as follows.

Although Layer-2 is well underway, we wanted to provide the community with fairer PLU withdrawal rates that are more in line with current Ethereum gas fees.

As the Ethereum network is currently less congested, Ethereum network gas fees have been reduced. As a result, Plutus is now offering users reduced PLU withdrawal fees as well— this will ensure the rewards you have earned so far will go that little bit further!

We will continue to monitor and update PLU withdrawal fees based on market conditions.

If you have any questions, please open a Support ticket here, or join us on Discord or Telegram for the fastest response times.


What will happen if the gas fees increase or decrease significantly?

Plutus will continually asses gas fees and set PLU withdrawal rates that are fair towards its customers and Plutus as a business.

It is worth noting that Plutus is currently adding PLU to the Polygon blockchain which will offer PLU transfers at even lower costs.

Are PLU withdrawal fees the only fees that are changing?

No, Plutus will be improving several other card-related fees in the future. Card-related fees require approval from our third-party banking partner and are currently under review. Once these have been approved, we will share an update via email.

Have you been charged a card decline fee?

One of the fee improvements which are currently under review is the removal of card decline fees.

In the meantime, if you have been charged any card decline fees, simply create a Support ticket here and we will reimburse you in the form of PLU!

Receive reimbursement on card decline fees >




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