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Welcome to the Plutus Weekly Report

This week we will be introducing the UK Influencer Campaign, go into detail about our Bounty Program which will be launched on July 11th, as well as give you the latest insight into development.

We are proactively trying to prevent any malicious activity before it occurs and making sure we have the correct measures in place to manage any security issues that may arise. This includes generous rewards for anyone who can demonstrate a successful intrusion into our system.

Introducing The Bounty Program.


Plutus launches a bounty programme with a $3,000 jackpot and rewards of $500 for identifying exploits such as bypassing the login process or accessing user data.

A jackpot of $3,000 and rewards of up to $500 (both paid in Pluton, the decentralised loyalty token) will be offered for the identification and notification of qualifying bugs accessing other user sessions and bypassing login processes.

Please note that Pluton (also known as PLU) can be used to make purchases while bypassing the usual fees.

We will also offer a minimum $100 reward for the identification of smaller vulnerabilities that do not meet the severity criteria but improve overall security.

Should you decide to participate in our bounty program, please make sure that you have read our terms of conditions carefully:

If you believe you have discovered a bug or vulnerability in, please contact us right away at

On the development side, our clockwork elves are dealing with something that may not sound exciting at first — but it’s arguably the most important part of building something that works — and that’s testing!

  • Testing functionality for managing Euros and Pounds within the app
  • Testing new PlutusDEX integrations
  • Testing integration of our partner that will help us offer personal IBANs
  • Testing new wallet login and deposit procedure
  • Testing main feature-set on both Android and iOS

Plutus is calling all influencers based in the United Kingdom for a chance to join our community, build a brand, and qualify for rewards and goodies as well. Do you believe that cryptocurrencies can one day become the primary payment method in the world? Then you’ve come to the right place.


Founded in London 2015, Plutus delivers a globally-accepted Tap & Pay app that enables users to use their cryptocurrencies for shopping across the globe. An early pioneer in the cryptocurrency space, Plutus, aims to bring Bitcoin and Ethereum to daily life.

Grabbing a coffee? Imagine being able to use your Crypto.

Plutus is launching a revolutionary Android/iOS app and physical debit card that lets you shop at 40 million stores across the world, both online and offline.

Plutus provides a virtual EUR/GBP balance that can be directly topped up with cryptocurrencies using the app. This balance can then be spent using the Plutus Debit Card or the contactless functionality on your mobile device.

Excited to join the world of cryptocurrency? Buy Pluton, Bitcoin and Ethereum with 0% Fees.

The proprietary PlutusDEX gateway facilitates peer-to-peer trading between fiat and crypto.


UK influencers, we need your help in raising awareness of the brand and app and encouraging your loyal followers to sign up to our waiting list. Given that Plutus is serious about Crypto as a lifestyle, we think a lifestyle flatlay image featuring a human element, hand, profile or full body with an iPhone or tablet with the logo or app would be a great option.

We’d like it to be smart, clean and stylish, reflecting lifestyle and everyday purchases.

It might be nice to add an item that you would never expect to be able to pay for using Cryptocurrency such as a coffee, new pair of sunglasses, grocery bags, even a suitcase showing paying for travel.

Once we launch, all this will be possible and more. (Plutus cards will work online as well.)

The copy to include:

  • Use Crypto Anywhere.
  • Join the waiting list:
  • #CryptoAnywhere

Twitter — @PlutusIT

Facebook — @PlutusIT

Instagram —



Need to know what happens when it happens? Head over to our official Telegram channel for exclusive news on exchanges and much more. Updates are shared live and you’ll have the chance to interact with both members of the community as well as the Plutus team itself. (Please keep in mind, only those with an “ADMIN” title are part of the team.)

If you have any questions or suggestions, reach out to us on Telegram.





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