Plymouth Part 3

The usually dark storm cloud gray bricks of the street were stained red. There was a man, a human, holding a stake over another man. The other man was obviously a vampire, and by the looks of it, a dead one. The vampire looked familiar, whereas the man did not. The only thing he looked like was a cold blooded murderer. I thought about how the other people around perceived him. Clearly they though the man had used self defense by the way there was that scared look in his eyes. Only I knew what had really happened. It is true that the guy is scared, just for a different reason. He had never killed anyone before and has never realized that he could even hold the power to. I have seen that power hungry look in so many eyes prior to now. I don’t like that look. It shows just how corrupt people can become from such a simple task.

I hover over the town ready to attack this man. I then saw the look I was all to knowledgeable about. He grinned, a big, scary, happy grin.

“I have just saved the town!” The man screamed happily at the crowd of villagers. I swooped down and tackled him.

“Hey buddy,” I say with a smirk as I hold my dagger to his throat. His eyes went wide with fear and mercy.

“I uhhh… I meant that ummm uuhhh heh heh heh,” The man stuttered like an absolute moron. I gripped the blade tighter and readied my body for a fight. They always fight. They never know that even though I’m lanky and weak looking I still put up a great fight.

“Now I want you to stand up and tell the town what really happened, because by now I have figured out, no funny business.” I say very calmly and controlled. He stands up with a slight shudder in his body as he gulps. I feel a sense of accomplishment as the man describes his embarrassing story.

“I was walking in the woods and I saw this man.” The guy says with an awkward tone. “Then I uhh kind of attacked him.” The man smiled sheepishly with a look of distress in his eyes.

“Now get out of here before I take that same stake and drive it through your pupils.” I say violently with no hesitation. The man runs off terrified screaming something about coming to kick me in the ass later. I dismiss it with no second thought and look at the townspeople. They all just stood around and stared at me.

“BOO, YOU’RE SCUM, LEAVE TOWN!” Shouted a man from the crowd. Luckily with my vampire ears I knew which one it was. I bent down and ripped the stake from the vampire’s body. I swiftly whipped around and threw the stake directly into the crowd. The point darted into the wall next to the man’s head.

I ran with incredible speed over and grabbed him by the collar. He looked at me and started to move his mouth.

“Don’t say anything.” I whispered this into his ear angrily. I took him by the throat and threw him high into the air. I went straight up to him and caught him. Then I dropped him. A place on the street cleared out for the falling man. He never did hit the ground, alive that is. He was shot by an arrow through the skull right before the impact.

I looked over and there he was. The one true warrior, Lethios.

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