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A Quick Guide to Understanding Agile: An Overview of the Development Philosophy

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In Agile development, the key skills needed are:

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, as Agile emphasizes constant feedback and communication among team members and with stakeholders.
  • Flexibility and adaptability, as Agile prioritizes the ability to quickly adjust and improve based on customer feedback.
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as Agile requires teams to quickly identify and address any challenges or obstacles that arise.
  • Project management and planning skills, as Agile requires effective planning and organization to keep projects on track.

In Waterfall development, the key skills needed are:

  • Rigorous planning and design skills, as the Waterfall approach requires a comprehensive plan before development begins.
  • Strong documentation skills, as the Waterfall approach often involves detailed documentation of the design and development process.
  • Attention to detail, as the Waterfall approach focuses on thorough testing and validation before release.
  • Ability to manage large projects with long timelines, as Waterfall projects can take much longer to complete than Agile projects.

In conclusion:

In the end, the choice between Agile and Waterfall depends on the specific needs of the project, the team, and the stakeholders involved.

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