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📩 Create your Notionfolio

I know, I’m late on the Notion game. As a lot of people out there, I’m so impressed with the possibilities Notion brings so I decided to write about how you can create your portfolio using Notion — spoiler: it’s free!

Why do you Need a Portfolio?

A portfolio demonstrates your skills and experiences in a way that a résumé, cover letter or even an interview simply can’t! The second reason is that the process of putting together a portfolio helps you remember important projects and results you had in your career that you might be forgetting. It makes you memorize and remembers the different challenges and results you had, and writing your portfolio can help you become more efficient while talking during networking events and during interviews.

Check the Step-by-step process to help you develop your Notionfolio

See you soon.
Thaisa Fernandes

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