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Design Sprint Q&A: Clarifying Questions About the Design Sprint Framework

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▪️ What has changed with Design Sprint over the years?

▪️ What is a workshop and how is it different from a Design Sprint?

▪️ What’s the ideal group of people?

▪️ How do we find the right Design Sprint challenge?

  • If you’re starting a new project, and you want to design a vision for it within three years, that’s a good challenge.
  • If you want to have different ideas for a specific problem, let’s say “design three ideas for feature “X” to land by the second quarter of 2019”, that’s another good challenge.

▪️ How do we include the design system in the Design Sprint?

▪️ How do get people excited to join a Design Sprint?

▪️ How do we get a buy-ins from stakeholders?

▪️ How do we get people engaged?

▪️ When is the right time to do a Design Sprint?

▪️ What are the activities we can use to energize the group?

▪️ What happens between the end of the Sprint and in-market roll-out?

▪️ What’s the validation step?

▪️ Does remote Design Sprint work?

▪️ Examples of wireframing and prototype products in the market

▪️ Who can be a Design Sprint Master?

▪️ When is the decision matrix most useful? How does it play out?

▪️ How do we present results?

▪️ What do we do after the Design Sprint?

▪️ How do we measure Design Sprint success?

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