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Let’s Reset Your Week and Stay Focused

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▪️ Clean your space

Sometimes it is really hard to concentrate or even think about anything, and you just don’t know why. Perhaps you can relate? It might be your space. When your space is messy, it’s really hard to get clarity amid the chaos.

▪️ Get inbox zero

Routinely unsubscribe from those annoying emails that you’re not interested in. Why do we need to waste our time checking promo emails we were never interested in and in some cases never signed up for?

  • ___Action Today
  • __Action this Week
  • _Awaiting to Read
  • _No Deadline

▪️ Check your goals

They say that simply checking your goals from time to time definitely helps you to achieve them. Checking goals is a powerful tool to keep us on track to achieve them. Some people suggest writing down your goals in your journal every day. I personally don’t like this approach, because it consumes a considerable space in my journal, and I don’t want that.

▪️ Self care

I think introspection is something powerful, not only for introverts. It’s important to spend some time with ourselves reflecting on what might have happened or even planning our other goals.

▪️ Life admin day

I’m a big fan of Michelle Barnes YouTube channel, and since she did the first life admin day video I have been hooked. A life admin day is basically a day you schedule to accomplish all the small and ongoing tasks that tend to accumulate over time. Since they’re not a priority, they tend to accumulate and become something bigger.

▪️ Daily routine

I spent a lot of time being against daily routines. I even bragged about how having a routine was boring. Time went by, and then I realized that I had always had a routine, and it was the routine that actually kept me going, sometimes even sane, during difficult times.

▪️ Schedule it

I understand that not everyone likes to use their personal Google Calendar as often as I use it, but at the same time, I believe some appointments and deadlines require an extra level of care. One of the ways to ensure that something you promised or that is important to you happens is to schedule it (not only work-related things, but also the personal ones).

I realized this post has going to get super big so I decided to break it into two articles. I hope you also check the other post. I believe we change along the way and also that our routines change. Maybe this post can be a living document that I update every time I discover a new trick. Hoping you can share your strategies too!

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