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📩 Podcast Episodes with Latinx Program Managers

Latinx in Power is a podcast that aims to demystifying tech by interviewing Latinx leaders all over the world to get their perspective, encouragement and insights.

We selected 3 episodes that will inspire many Program Managers since Gretchen, Valerie and Carlos shared a lot on how they landed in Product Management and what are their responsibilities now as Senior PMs and entrepreneurs.

A Senior Product Manager at Santander Digital in Palo Alto, Gretchen Rodrigues worked for a long time at eBay as well 🇨🇺

A Product Manager, Valerie has worked on the biggest social platforms of our time, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat 🇲🇽

The Founder and CEO of Product School with a community of over one million of product professionals 🇪🇸 — technically not a Latino but a Hispanic.

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Thaisa Fernandes

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Thaisa Fernandes

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