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Product Acronyms to Keep in Mind

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  1. AARM: Acquisition, activation, retention, monetization
  2. AC: Actual Cost
  3. AOV: Average Order Value
  4. API: Application Programming Interface
  5. ARPU: Average Revenue per User
  6. BAU: Business as Usual
  7. BDM: Business Development Manager
  8. CAC: Cost to Acquire a Customer
  9. CALMS: Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing
  10. CAR: Client Actionable Request
  11. CMS: Content management system
  12. CPA: Cost per Acquisition
  13. CPC: Cost per Click
  14. CPM: Cost per Thousand Impressions
  15. CPU: Cost per Unit
  16. CR: Conversion Rate
  17. CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  18. CTA: Call to Action
  19. CTR: Click-Through Rate
  20. DACI: Driver, Approver, Contributors, Informed
  21. DAU: Daily Active Users
  22. DOD: Definition of Done
  23. DOR: Definition of Ready
  24. DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself
  25. EV: Earned value
  26. FNAC: Feature Not a Company
  27. GA: General Availability
  28. GTM: Go to Market
  29. IoT: Internet of things
  30. KPI: Key Performance Indicator
  31. LOE: Level of effort
  32. LTV: Customer LifeTime Value
  33. MAU: Monthly Active Users
  34. ML: Machine learning
  35. MMP: Minimal Marketable Feature
  36. MPU: Mobile Processing Units
  37. MVP: Minimal Viable Product
  38. PDCA: Plan, Do, Check, and Act
  39. POC: Point of Contact or Proof of Concept
  40. POV: Point of View
  41. PPC: Pay per Click
  42. PRD: Product Requirements Document
  43. PMB: Product Marketing Bulletin
  44. PULP: Product Usage Logging Pipeline
  45. PV: Page View
  46. QA: Quality Assurance
  47. RFP: Request for Proposal
  48. ROI: Return on Investment
  49. ROS: Run of site
  50. RR: Retention Rate
  51. RWeb: Responsive Web
  52. SaaS: Software as a service
  53. SDK: Software Development Kit
  54. SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  55. UI: User Interface
  56. UV: Unique Visitor
  57. UX: User Experience
  58. WBS: Work Breakdown Structure
  59. WIIFM: What’s in It for Me
  60. xFN: Cross-Functional

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