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The Two Sides of Product Development: Product Manager and Product Owner

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Product Manager and Product Owner are two distinct roles in product development, although there can be overlap in some organizations.

Product Manager:

  • Has a broader scope, encompassing the entire product development process, from conception to market launch and beyond.
  • Has a strategic role in the product development process, conducting market research, defining the product vision, and making decisions about the product roadmap and feature set.
  • Works closely with cross-functional teams to ensure the product meets customer needs and drives business growth.

Product Owner:

  • Typically operates within an Agile software development context.
  • Has a primary focus on defining and prioritizing the features and requirements for a product.
  • Acts as the voice of the customer and stakeholders to the development team.
  • Makes decisions about the product backlog and ensures the development team is working on the highest value items.

In conclusion:

The Product Owner is focused on defining and prioritizing the requirements for a product, while the Product Manager has a broader role in the overall product development process and is responsible for the success of the product.

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