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Transitioning to Product Management? Here’s Where to Find your PM dream-job!

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Over the years, I have discovered great resources that helped me find the jobs I wanted. And one of the essential tools was to know where to look for PM jobs. Having the right tools helped me to stop wasting time and to be more aggressive in my job search and career move.

I know it’s really hard to pass all interview steps, especially in the Bay Area, which is so competitive. I’m going to share a collection of good resources that can help you to find and hopefully score a great job as a PM.

I’ll share a bunch of free resources and my favorite events that happen in the San Francisco Bay area and also remotely. Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below or privately.

▪️ Tech Events

Events are a great way to learn from the best professionals in the market, learn about their careers and secret tricks, and also to network. My favorite tech events are the Product School, General Assembly, Tech SF and BAVC. They usually record their events, and sometimes they post the recording on social media such as Facebook fan page.

Product School

General Assembly

Tech SF | BAVC

▪️ Recruiting Companies

There are a lot of recruiting companies, but it’s still hard to find good PM jobs. My favorite recruiters are Creative Circle, Russel Tobin, and Creative Group. They each offer personalized service and really help you find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, they typically don’t have a ton of PMs jobs available, but it’s really worth taking a look from time to time.

Creative Circle

Creative Group

Russel Tobin

▪️ Job Search

I’ve tried a bunch of different job search websites and frankly, besides the recruiting companies I mentioned, I only recommend LinkedIn and Glassdoor. I never found any of the other job search websites to be more useful. Please share with me any job search website you’ve used and found helpful!



▪️ PM Slack Channels

Slack channels are another great resource. Most of them even have the Job channel, which can be really handy and help you to land your dream PM job. I highly encourage you to look into this type of tool. My two favorite Slack channels are Mind the Product and Product Manager HQ.

Mind the Product

Product Manager HQ

▪️ Tech Training

If you want to get a job in tech but need some training first, I recommend these two non-profits, BAVC and Techtonica, which offer awesome bootcamps.

Techtonica offers six months of free, full-time tech training for women and non-binary adults with low incomes. TechSF helps unemployed and underemployed Bay Area Residents get the skills they need to get back to work. BAVC provides access to media-making technology, storytelling workshops, a diverse and engaged community of makers and producers, services, and resources.


Tech SF | BAVC

▪️ Meetups

I love meetups, and there’s a bunch of different companies, startups, and non-profits offering incredibly valuable meetups, most of them free. I encourage you to check the Meetup and EventBrite websites to see what is happening in your city. Quite often video conference options are also available so that you can attend events remotely.


▪️ Free Remote Bootcamps

You don’t necessarily need to know how to code to be a PM. This is another “nice to have thing,” and why not, right? My two favorite websites to learn how to code for free are FreeCodeCamp and Code Academy. They make learning coding easier and fun!


Code Academy

▪️ Women Support Groups

Being a female and also a Latina, it was important to me to find support groups to help me in my journey after I moved to the United States. My favorite support groups are Latinas in Tech, The Expat Woman, and Women in Product.

Women In Product connects women in product management careers via online platforms and in-person events. They do an amazing job helping women, and I love their events!

Latinas in Tech

The Expat Woman

Women in Product

▪️ Latinx in Tech Support Groups

Since we’re in Hispanic Heritage Month, I do want to mention two Latinx support groups. Latinxs in Tech - SF is a nonprofit that serves the largest community of Latinx in Tech, and dev/Mission is a nonprofit that trains young adults ages 16–24 for careers in technology.



I hope this article can help and give you more insights. Please feel free to share with me any resources you have found useful. I want this post to be as helpful as possible so I’ll make periodic updates as long I’m learning of new and useful resources. Cheers!

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