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Last Updated: June 2018

Product Management Insider is the premier publication and community for product managers on Medium. Since launching in 2017, we’ve published 400+ articles submitted by 50+ contributors, and have grown to nearly 6,000 followers. In addition to publishing new articles each week on Medium, we share top product management jobs and events at productmanagementinsider.com and via our weekly email newsletter.

But we’re never content. We’re always working to improve our publication for the community. Please find the latest updates below!

Exclusive content from industry experts

In June of 2018, Mike Fishbein, host of This is Product Management, took over as Editor-in-Chief of Product Management Insider. Our publication now features articles written by some of the most prolific guests from the podcast, including Richard Banfield, Brent Tworetzky, Nir Eyal, and Tami Reiss.

Dedicated editorial team to help anyone tell their story

From day one, our publication aimed to publish insights from product people who are working in the trenches everyday — not just high-profile thought leaders. To that end, we’ve expanded our editorial team to help contributors turn their ideas into hit articles on Medium.

Contributing to Product Management Insider has a number of benefits, including reaching a large and growing audience on Medium, being featured at the top of our email newsletter, and joining a vibrant community of product people. Our editorial team will collaborate with you to identity hard-hitting topics and ideas, edit and proofread drafts, and format your articles for success on Medium.

Read the article below to learn more about becoming a contributor to Product Management Insider:

A better reading experience

Product Management Insider offers more than just great content. Our articles now include recommended reading, relevant events, and career opportunities so that you can put our contributors’ advice into practice.

About Product Management Insider

Our publication is produced by Alpha, the on-demand user insights platform that enables 30+ Fortune 100 companies to accelerate experimentation from months to hours. Mike Fishbein is the Editor-in-Chief of Product Management Insider. He is also the host of This is Product Management, the industry’s leading podcast.