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Letter sent on Jun 9, 2017

Can you handle this product management challenge?

A different type of puzzle specially made for the weekend

Every day, we read through dozens of insightful articles by product managers and leaders, from one writer explaining how she transitioned from a customer success role into product management, to another examining where seemingly great product ideas go wrong.

While we love learning about how people like you are overcoming challenges and continuously reinventing the discipline, it’s always important to take a break every now and then.

That’s why we created a fun puzzle! Take our Product Management Crossword this weekend and see if you can be one of the first 10 to successfully complete it and win a $20 Amazon Gift Card. Submission details are in the article.

Enjoy and good luck with 39 Across!! See this article for submission details.


Nis Frome
Co-founder at Alpha, the user insights platform for product teams, and editor at Product Management Insider

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