The 15 Best Associate and Rotational Product Manager Programs

Most product management roles require experience (and rightly so!), but thanks to Google, Facebook, and Marissa Mayer, who was responsible for developing extensive programs for recent graduates, there are more opportunities for aspiring Product Managers than ever before.

The Associate Product Manager Program is an elite rotational program, consisting of opportunities across different teams, designed for graduates who are interested in exploring product development and leadership opportunities. For each rotation, the Associate Product Manager or Rotational Product Manager works with a different product organization within the company. At Facebook, for example, participants might rotate through ads, timeline, or search.

Many leading technology companies provide Associate and Rotational Product Manager programs to help aspiring product enthusiasts to become successful product leaders.

This article covers fifteen amazing Associate Product Manager (APM) and Rotational Product Manager (RPM) programs. Some of them are currently accepting applications, so hurry and apply!

1. Google Associate Product Manager Program

(Applications open)

One of the pioneers of the program, the Google Associate Product Manager program consists of two 12-month rotations, where you will work with Googlers from Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Finance across their portfolio of technological innovations. This one has been open for a bit so you might want to hurry!

2. Facebook Rotational Product Manager Program

(August applications closed, opens next April)

The Facebook Rotational Product Manager Program is an entry-level rotational program for budding product managers. It’s an 18-month program encompassing, one month of training, three rotations across different product teams, and a two-week global research trip. One highlight of this program is that RPMs do not need a computer science degree and no technical background is required, so if you want to solve problems along with the world’s largest social network, this is your chance!

3. Uber Associate Product Manager Program

(Applications open)

In this program, you will join three teams over the course of 18 months (three six-month rotations) across all of Uber, including Rider, Driver, Eats, Bikes, Self-Driving Vehicles, et al. If you’re a young graduate who wants to change the way the world moves from A to B, this is your chance!

4. Twitter Associate Product Manager Program

(Applications open)

This is a 2-year program where the APMs go through two, one year rotations on various product teams across Twitter. While they don’t particularly screen for prior knowledge of consumer behaviors, a strong quantitative background to support data-informed decision making and a deep interest for product, media and platforms would definitely be a key decision maker. The applications are open till October this year!

5. Oath Associate Product Manager Program

(Applications open)

As a continuation of the historic Yahoo APM program, Oath now offers APMs an even larger product portfolio and opportunities for impact. Over the course of two years, you will drive the product vision, strategy, and roadmap for two different teams. As an APM at Oath, you will drive product development and strategy for some of the world’s largest products and platforms across domains like news, finance, sports, video, and more.

6. Dropbox Rotation Program

(Applications open)

The Dropbox Rotation Program is a 12-month program designed to provide participants with experience within a number of business functions across the company, learn a range of skills, build institutional knowledge, and identify functional interest for future placement. They are currently hiring a graduate level PM here.

7. The KPCB Product Fellows Program

(Applications open in January 2019)

While in traditional sense, this is not an Associate or Rotational program, the KPCB program is one of the most sought after entry level fellowships in the Product space! Their portfolio of companies count some of the fastest growing start-ups in the Bay area and the community is one you’ll treasure for life — Applications open in January, don’t miss this chance.

8. Microsoft New Graduate and MACH Program

(Applications not open yet)

The Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) is a two-year, customized learning experience for new hires in various full-time roles within the Evangelism, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations, Sales and Services organizations. This is a great opportunity to create next-generation software solutions and applications and solve big problems in the competitive cloud-first, mobile-first world

9. LinkedIn Strategy & Analytics Rotation Program

(Applications open in July 2019)

LinkedIn’s Strategy & Analytics Program is a highly selective two-year program comprised of four six-month rotations across LinkedIn’s business operations, sales operations, and finance and strategy groups. That’s a lot of learning opportunities! Keep an eye out for open applications next year.

10. Intuit Rotational Development Program

(Applications not open yet)

You’ll spend two years as a Rotational Product Manager at Intuit working on a new high-impact project in different parts of the company every six months. This includes end-to-end product development process across an exciting range of products. If you love digging deep into customer problems and come up with a way to solve that problem through a new feature or product intuitively, this one’s for you!

11. Cisco Job Rotational Program (JRP)

(Applications open)

This program provides the opportunity for recent graduates to experience the diverse world of a product manager in tech. Through a “free market” approach to rotations, the program focuses on cultivating a diverse individual experience and crafting a community of rock star future leaders. It is intended to develop networking guides across some of Cisco’s core product lines: Networking, IoT, Management, Security, and Cloud across — 3 different roles across 3 years and the best part is that you get to choose which one you want to pursue!

12. Workday Associate Product Manager Program

(Applications open)

The technical APM program at Workday exposes new hires to a range of teams within the Workday technology stack including: Tools, Analytics and Workday Cloud Platform. Participants rotate through 3–4 technical teams with the objective of solving some of the most complex technical problems the enterprise software industry faces. The objectives of your rotations are to enhance the way customers interact with data, improve performance, scalability and ensure operational excellence of our products. This 12–24 month program supports APM’s through their journey of becoming a versatile, well networked PM who is ready to apply full-stack context to any problem. (Thanks Kamryn!)

13. Zynga Rotational Product Manager Program

(Applications not open yet)

Over the course of this 18-month program, you’ll go through three rotations. You might work on creating new merchandising strategies for live products, designing onboarding flows for an upcoming game, or growth hacking new distribution channels across the portfolio.

14. Toronto Associate Product Manager Program

(Applications not open yet)

Outside of the major Silicon Valley product companies, there are not many APM programs that fully empower and train participants to become a successful Product manager. However, a collective of 9 product-focused companies in Toronto are working to fix this long standing problem. If you’re interested in Product and Tech, and want to work with the best start-ups out there, this program is for you!

15. GAP Rotational Management Program

This last one is a little different. It’s a highly competitive, rotational, training program within a large corporation that exposes participants to principal areas of the business. PS: You also get free clothing :)

More opportunities for aspiring Product Managers

Here’s a list of companies that may not offer APM or RPM programs, but do have roles suitable for recent graduates or folks early in their career that are interested in product management:

Keep an eye on their careers pages!

Hope you found this list useful. Do let me know if you find any others that I could add to this list! In case you’re looking for resources on how to prepare for these or want to schedule a mock or discuss anything remotely related to the interesting world of tech-products, feel free to reach out - cheers! :)