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To continue moving forward, the discipline of product management depends on individual practitioners to share their insights. That’s why we’re featuring Medium stories submitted to our publication, Product Management Insider. Approved stories will also get featured in our newsletter that goes out to 5,000+ product teams, and we’ll even give every writer a $10 Amazon gift card!

Every year, as part of our annual industry report, we survey hundreds of product managers about where they go for the best product management resources. We’ve witnessed Medium go from an obscure website that few mentioned (we used to simple group it into ‘other’) to now being the most popular standalone channel, beating out Harvard Business Review and Fast Company:

Clearly, the voice of the everyday practitioner is powerful. We want to amplify your insights, and can even help you craft your story. If you’d like to be featured and already have a story drafted, you can submit it directly to Product Management Insider for review. We will get back to you within three days.

But if all you have is a few bullet points or even just an inkling of an idea for a story, send an email to You’re busy and we totally understand. We‘re excited to learn from you and will let you know within three days whether we can help craft your story with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Here are some of the insightful contributions we’ve already published:

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