The Definitive Guide to Definitive Product Management Guides

The field of product management is constantly evolving, making it ever more difficult to stay ahead of the curve. There’s more than a few ‘Definitive Product Management Guides’ and the like, so I figured it might be good to curate the curators and compile a master list of lists.

General resources

I Love Product Management
by Paul Cothenet
A collection of the best blog posts about different aspects of product management, ranging from beginner to advanced. This is an extremely comprehensive post that is most certainly bookmark-worthy.

54 Articles and Books that will Make you a Great Product Manager
by Noah Weiss
Noah Weiss, VP of Product at Foursquare, sums it up: “From Horowitz to Christensen to Graham to Spolsky and more, a collection of the best articles and books from the best product leaders.” This resource contains some essential books and articles along with some personal picks.

Resources for Product Managers
by Jason Shah
According to the author, this article provides “useful resources for prospective and current PMs. Some are for novices, some for experts.” This resources contains some must-read blogs and individual posts.

Glossary of product management acronyms and jargon
by Alpha UX
As the field of digital product management continues to rapidly evolve, so do the words and phrases used by its practitioners. This is a guide to help navigate the jargon.


For those of you who like content delivered straight to your inbox, rather than having to go out to a variety of sites and find it, there are some great email newsletters that cover product management, UX, and design.

UX Design Weekly
by Kenny Chen
UX Design Weekly provides “a hand picked list of the best user experience design links every Friday.” Emails include the best articles, resources, and tools, and a peak into the portfolios of top UX designers.

by Sacha Greif
“Every day, the 5 best design links curated by a selection of great editors.” Pretty straight forward, right? On the website you can take a look at articles shared in previous emails.

Product Manager HQ
by Kevin Lee
Product Manager HQ aims to “help you learn how to break into product management as well as help current product managers excel on the job.” Emails include the best articles from the previous week and a look at upcoming events.

The UX Notebook
by Sarah Doody
The UX Notebook is a weekly newsletter delivered each Friday. From the author: “The newsletter covers things I find interesting in user experience and product development, interesting products I’ve discovered, user experience research and case studies, new posts from my blog. The goal of the newsletter is to help you learn more about UX and trigger discussions about what you and your team can to do create an even better product.”

All about digital product management
by Paul J
This newsletter provides “a weekly roundup of the best digital Product Management content.” The most recent edition contained several highly tactical and “inside baseball” posts written by product managers.

Product teams should subscribe to these email newsletters and courses
by Mike Fishbein
This blog post is a roundup of all the best email newsletters for product managers. It includes some newsletters outside of purely product management newsletters.


For commuters or anyone who prefers content in audio format, like I do, there are some great new podcasts out there for product managers.

Podcast Gift
Discovering great new podcasts is not always easy. That’s why Podcast Gift provides “weekly curation of the best podcasts in business, design and tech. Handpicked for quality by a panel of podcast enthusiasts.“

8 Insightful Podcasts for Product Managers
via Mind the Product
This article shares 8 podcasts that are relevant to product managers. Some are specifically focused on product management, others on technology and business broadly.


Product management entails a variety of disciplines. From management to market analysis, and design to business, the below resources will point you in the direction of all the must read books for product managers.

New year’s resolution for product managers: 8 books to read in 2015
via Alpha UX
This list contains some “outside the box” books that aren’t product management per se, but are highly relevant to one facet or another of product management.

What are the best books for Product Managers?
via Quora
Check out the “answer wiki” and a couple of the most upvoted answers for a list of all the “must read” product management staples, as well as some books that cover more niche topics.


Product managers are almost by definition obsesses with efficiency. The below resources can help you find the tools and services that will save you time and make life easier.

Product Management Collection
via Product Hunt

Tools for Product Managers
via Product Hunt

What are the essential software tools for a product manager?
via Quora

The 7 Best Product Management Tools
via This is Product Management


Twitter can be a great way to meet and engage with some of the most accomplished product managers in the world, as well as discover great product management related content.

9 Product Managers You Should Follow On Twitter
via FullContact
This tightly curated list includes some of the most prolific tweeters who commonly discuss product management.

50 Product Managers In Twitter That Are Worth A Follow
via Webproductblog
Here you can find a list of people who have some product management experience and tweet primarily about product management.


Some great product managers have been kind of enough to blog about their experiences and learnings on the job.

37 Great Product Management Blogs
by Matt Anderson
This list contains personal blogs written by product managers as well as a few product management focused publications.

What are the must read blogs for product managers?
via Quora
The “answer wiki” of this fantastic Quora thread provides a fairly comprehensive list of the most popular blogs related to product management.

Conferences and events

The guide to conferences and events for product teams
by Nis Frome
In the last couple years we’ve seen an emergence of some really high-quality ones you can’t miss. This blog post is a compilation of industry agnostic conferences, meetups, and bootcamps.

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This article was originally published by Mike Fishbein on
Alpha blog on April 27, 2015.