What could blockchain do for digital advertising in 2018?

Feb 14, 2018 · 2 min read

In 2017 blockchain hit the banking sector, and Bitcoin almost hit $20,000. In its success, blockchain is poised to disrupt many sectors in the coming years. Is the antiquated and piecemeal advertising market next?

We at PMOTION certainly think so, but we need to pass through a number of challenges before mass adoption.

In advertising alone, blockchain-based protocols could change how online ads are purchased, delivered, measured, and valued. In order to enhance the speed of adoption, projects need to have a stable strategy and vision to bring partners on board. The educational process should take place as at the moment big brand are not willing to pay in cryptocurrencies for ad services.

Once these issues are solved the PMOTION ecosystem will position itself as a leader in the upcoming digital ad revolution.

The PMOTION Ecosystem will be built on an open and unified blockchain framework that utilizes real time stream data from POS (point of sale), location and other consumer data to deliver local focused digital advertising and lifestyle content across mobile, online, e-Receipts and digital out of home (DOOH) media channels.

By implementing blockchain technology into the digital marketing space and purchase data monetization process, the PMOTION team will build a revolutionary digital advertising ecosystem.

Currently, the online advertising landscape is littered with problems, such as advertising fraud, invasion of privacy, and the presence of ad blockers. We aim to tackle this problem by building an intuitive and transparent digital advertising ecosystem with the collective of decentralized applications that empower advertisers and publishers.

Our ecosystem will be secure and beneficial to all the participants involved.

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Decentralized Digital Marketing Ecosystem

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