A brand new desktop and mobile DAO interface is now live!

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5 min readSep 12, 2022


Editor’s note: This article has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. It now includes the new process in accordance with the new Eidoo App release.

Hey pNetwork Fam, a new interface to vote is now available!

Usually, pNetwork DAO voters use the Aragon interface as well as the Eidoo App “DAO Manager” tool to vote on PIPs (pNetwork Improvement Proposals). Unfortunately, the Aragon client is not actively maintained; the old Eidoo App has also been dismissed in favour of the whole new Eidoo App v2. Given that, we have worked on two new interfaces for DAO participants to vote from:

A) the DAO Web Interface
B) the brand new pNetwork Widget for Eidoo App v2

The pNetwork Widget is available for all Android and iOS users that have at least Eidoo App v1.6.2.

Please note that, in order to vote on any pNetwork DAO proposal, you need to hold daoPNT token (PNT tokens that have been staked by the users in the pNetwork DAO). Make sure you connect the wallet that is holding these daoPNT.

If you are staking on BSC, at the time being you need to vote with the provided Snapshot interface instead. In the future, the new DAO interface will support BSC voting/staking as well.

A) pNetwork DAO web interface (Available for everyone)

The pNetwork DAO web interface is an easy way for users to vote in PIPs. Basically, users just go to this link: dao-app.p.network, connect the pNetwork DAO dApp via Metamask, or WalletConnect, and start voting. It is simple yet functional and best of all, users can access the DAO web interface via desktop, laptop and mobile dapp browsers. Do not forget to disconnect your wallet once you are done.

1. Go to dao-app.p.network and connect your wallet

2. Once your wallet is connected, the pNetwork DAO Overview page opens up — from here, you can manage your PNT position and interact with the DAO. The upper section of the page lets you stake and unstake PNT tokens, while the lower section is all about DAO Proposals and voting. New DAO proposals will appear here with the option to vote for and against it.

And you just start voting! How simple is that? 😎

B) pNetwork widget on Eidoo App v2 — requires at least v1.6.2

Since the Eidoo v1 mobile app has been replaced by Eidoo v2 mobile app, Eidoo v2 users can now participate in PIPs via the pNetwork Widget in the Eidoo App!
The app is available on both Android and iOS.
The pNetwork widget is a custom-built widget created by the pNetwork team. This is the first externally-built widget in the Eidoo App v2.

To add the widget to Eidoo App v2, users have to follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest version of Eidoo App and login
  2. Go to the Widgets section by swiping left from the Crypto section

3. pNetwork Widget will appear on top of the list in the Widgets section

4. Click on “OPEN” to initialize the widget

5. Click on the Eidoo logo to connect the widget to the current Eidoo wallet

6. Click “CONTINUE” to access the pNetwork Dashboard, showing your PNT balances. From here you can also stake and unstake PNT.

7. Scroll down to DAO proposals

8. After reading a given proposal, click on the YES/NO button to cast your vote!

These two new methods give more flexibility to users while voting. This is important as pNetwork is always finding ways to provide users with easy access to vote in PIPs. That being said, users can still vote via the Aragon interface on Ethereum and the Snapshot interface on BSC, but try out these two new methods to manage your pNetwork DAO position and vote easily!

If you have any suggestions or face any issues, do reach out to us via the community channels.

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