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Announcing our EthGlobal HackMoney Winners

That’s a wrap! The EthGlobal #HackMoney Hackathon has concluded and the pTokens team has announced the winners of our pBTC bounties.

It was such a privilege to spend the month with top-tier hackers, colleagues, and experts within the Ethereum community. As the first online DeFi Hackathon, this month-long event challenged developers to BUIDL their way to fully-fleshed out MVPs that enable adoption and offer new opportunities for anyone interested in decentralized finance — and they sure delivered!

CEO Thomas Bertani joined judges Vitalik Buterin, Andreas Antonopolos, Stani Kulechov, Robert Leshner, and Ashleigh Schapto to announce the winning hacks and to celebrate this incredible community.

You can find the details for all the projects here.

We were absolutely blown away by the teams that incorporated pTokens, and are thrilled to announce the winning projects.

The Winners

Winners were chosen based on their project’s composability, potential for DeFi adoption, and overall execution. We awarded 0.2 pBTC each for their outstanding uses of the pTokens system.

My DeFi Pie allows users to create custom investment portfolios.

The money lego award for the best pTokens cross-chain composability project goes to My DeFi Pie.

My DeFi Pie lets anyone create their own highly customized — and “absurdly diversified” portfolio of traditional and crypto assets, including non-Ethereum blockchains. With several DeFi integrations (including pTokens, Balancer, Aave, Uniswap, and Uma) users can create a basket of currencies focused on their choice of growth industry (Large Cap, Prediction, Exchanges, Finance, and Lending) with direct exposure to Bitcoin thanks to pBTC. Anyone can customize or copy popular investment portfolios that earn interest on top of returns, and enjoy automatic rebalancing and decision support analytics via backtesting and forecasting.

Check out the demo here!

btcTornado anonymizes BTC transactions.

btcTornado received the cross-chain award for the best pTokens-based project adding features to Bitcoin on Ethereum.

With pTokens and under the hood, btcTornado anonymizes BTC transactions. The project combines OpenGSN, pTokens and to make a DApp as simple to use for Bitcoin users as is for Ethereum users. In fact, because bitcoin users don’t have to deal with an Ethereum account at all, the team hopes they won’t even realize they are interacting with Ethereum.

Check out their demo here!

Cross-chain BTC/DAI options trading protocol

Finally, we awarded a second cross-chain award to Aδθρt.

Aδθρt built a proof of concept for a cross-chain BTC/DAI options trading protocol. The project includes smart contracts for Put and Call options, support for pBTC as collateral, and DAI for payment of option premia, along with an on- and off-ramp for moving between pBTC and tBTC.

Check out their demo here!

Honorable Mentions

It was incredibly difficult to choose which projects were worthy of our pBTC prizes, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight everyone’s incredible work. We were thoroughly impressed with all of the teams and hope to see these great projects continue to evolve.

CrowdLink streamlined the creation of referral campaigns

Inspired by their work in marketing, the CrowdLink team decided to address their common frustrations with referral link campaigns. To improve the process, they delivered a web3-powered referral links marketplace that allows anyone within minutes to create referral links and pay with Eth/Stable supported currencies and BTC via pTokens.

Users simply connect their google analytics, share the URL and set reward per sale, and deposit digital currencies into the contract — which includes a pTokens integration for paying and swapping bitcoin. Any sales coming from the generated links ignite instant payouts to the referral marketer, and referral creators can withdraw anytime to end their campaigns.

Check out their demo here!

DeFi BTC leveraged DeFi and Ethereum composability

DeFi BTC showcases the DeFi capabilities for Bitcoin once BTC is converted to pBTC. Users can deposit Bitcoin and get the equivalent pBTC, then swap for ERC20 tokens like WBTC, DAI, or USDT, and deposit into Aave to earn interest. And thanks to its integration with Sablier, users can create a Stream for pBTC, WBTC, DAI or aTokens. It’s a one-stop shop for DeFi!

Check out their demo here!

Generate pTokens code within VS Code

VS Code gets a DeFi boost with this project! DeFi Support for VS Code is a VS Code extension to help with writing DeFi applications in NodeJS. It not only provides IDE integration of live address and token data, but live market information, and programming model support, including code completion, diagnostics, and quick fixes for common Ethereum DeFi scenarios. Now devs can utilize code completion snippets when they want to include pTokens into their builds.

Check out the demo here!

FukiPay brings Ethereum wallets to Telegram

FukiPay is a trustless messaging bot which allows users to easily interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The bot generates a unique smart wallet for each user, which can be used to receive and spend Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, including pBTC.

Check out the demo here!

NFW Wallets allows users to create smart-controlled wallets that can be transferred as NFTs. They can store assets, including ERC-20s, -721s and -777s; perform DeFi operations (trade, lend, and borrow); manipulate bitcoin (via pTokens), and take on gas-less meta-transactions. Because NFWallets are ERC721 NFTs, users can be creative with their bundles of assets, such as utilizing them as collateral on RocketNFT or trading on Opensea.

Check out the demo here!

Omisario allows gamers to collect Eth and pBTC.

Through integrations with Portis and pTokens, Omisario demonstrates Ethereum’s ability to act as a highly scalable layer-2 protocol by utilizing the OMG network for ETH and ERC-20 transactions. The creators aim to pique the interest of casual users with a universally beloved game.

Check out the demo here!

Thank you to EthGlobal for putting on a truly special event — and congratulations to all the teams! It’s clear that when developers are given four weeks to build, they’ll deliver nothing short of spectacular.

If you’re interested in leveraging the pTokens system to bring Bitcoin to Ethereum in your project, take a look at our documentation in the pTokens JS library.

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