Broadening DeFi Access: The Top 5 dApps pNetwork Is Integrated With

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Sep 2 · 5 min read
Broadening DeFi Access The Top 5 dApps pNetwork Is Integrated With

As you probably know already, pNetwork doesn’t just enable you to move crypto assets cross-chain, but it also connects you to the widest variety of crypto use cases out there.

Keep reading to know more about how pNetwork is certainly a one-stop shop with several use cases already live across numerous decentralized finance platforms.

Top dApps Flying With pNetwork

pNetwork Ecosystem
pNetwork Ecosystem

pNetwork’s native token PNT is truly the ultimate coin of the realm, considering that you can buy PNT directly (via Eidoo, our reference wallet, or on major exchange platforms such as Binance, Bitfinex and KuCoin, among others) and then use it for completing various actions within the ecosystem (participating in DAO governance, performing cross-chain transactions, etc.).

Moreover, by replicating the value of a cryptocurrency on a connected host blockchain via pTokens, such as pBTC or pETH, users can enjoy a multitude of DeFi access opportunities and the benefits offered by multiple DEXes on a wide range of chains.

Among those are incentivized liquidity pools where users can benefit from staking PNT or supported pTokens obtained via the pTokens dApp. Given that pegged-in coins always maintain a 1:1 ratio with their underlying assets, users are able to move liquidity freely without suffering any loss in token value.

Here are three of the most popular and valuable DEXes that you can exchange crypto with cross-chain.

Hanging Out at the Deep End of the Liquidity Pool with Curve

Curve, another active liquidity mining platform, offers many use cases on its own for more advanced users, beyond the typical exchange engaging in liquidity pools.

Rather than provide its own pool, Curve allows users to benefit from balancing liquidity across the pools of other exchanges themselves, including Uniswap. It can also benefit users through arbitrage crypto trading, which is the simultaneous buying and selling of the same kind of token, as well as through deposit bonuses. Unlike other exchanges, Curve only trades in stablecoins.

Curve, particularly, allows users to onboard and offboard wrapped BTC tokens, wBTC, through pBTC. In this way, Curve provides a faster and cheaper Bitcoin-to-tokenized Bitcoin solution.

Source: CurveFinance, 08/13/2021

As Diverse as DeFi Use Cases Get

Finally, there are three more dApps that provide distinct uses through exchange with pTokens especially worth learning about.

Basic, VIP, Black eidooCARD
Basic, VIP, Black eidooCARD
Basic, VIP, Black eidooCARD

Ultimately, there’s a good reason that pNetwork’s logo is a parrot staring out intently. pNetwork is always looking out for the greatest diversity of opportunities to allow users to soar into new heights of profitability.

That’s why you should join pNetwork now to access a virtually limitless set of crypto use cases!


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