pNetwork DAO Deep Dives #1

Staking and skin in the game — how do we grow the pNetwork community?

pNetwork Team
Aug 13 · 9 min read
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As we celebrate the recent launch of the pNetwork DAO, let’s break down some of the key components and mechanisms that will keep it running smoothly.

DeFi and skin in the game

DeFi is unique in that it allows users to be directly involved in a project’s success by having skin in the game. Having skin in the game means that you put something at risk when you become involved in a project and work towards a shared goal. When executives invest their own money in their company stocks for example, it’s considered a sign of good faith and demonstrates confidence in the future of the company.


The pNetwork DAO — how do we incentivise growth and participation?

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Staking is a way to bring together and align incentives for our community as a democratic collective, as we each act as stakeholders of the pNetwork. By staking in the DAO, our users and team show their commitment to the project, who want to co-govern the pNetwork and see it grow successfully.

The steps to staking


Enabling cross-chain DeFi composability

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