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pNetwork Ecosystem Report 2: May 2022

Hello pNetwork Fam!

Last month we saw the very first Ecosystem Report, which we released for our community. There were lots of positive comments saying that it was a great initiative, and as such, we would like to share our second Ecosystem Report! Woohoo 🎉

May has been a really exciting month for us. There was so much integration that happened, teams gathering in London for product and tech planning, as well as the migration of pBTC. Here is the recap of what was accomplished.

1) pBTC migration to V2

pBTC v2 is an improved version of pBTC-on-Ethereum powered by pNetwork v2 (to know more about pNetwork v2, click HERE). The next iteration of pBTC comes with a host of code improvements, smart contract optimizations, cross-chain compatibility, and other features that improve upon the foundation that pBTC v1 has set. For the launch of pBTC v2, pNetwork worked closely with Curve Finance, Idle Finance, and Convex Finance to provide more APY for users to get from staking when they migrate to pBTC v2.

(Click HERE to know more.)

So if you have yet to migrate your pBTC v1 to v2, please do so! You are missing out on migration incentives by Curve, Idle and Convex!

Migrating pBTC v1 to v2 is just a 1-click process.

(Click HERE to migrate NOW!!!)

Once migrated, enjoy high Incentives in Curve, Idle and Convex! 🔥

2) Integrations

As for integrations, pNetwork integrated with two major networks: Algorand Network and Fantom Network. These two integrations were a huge leap for our ecosystem as both Algorand and Fantom are fast-growing networks that projects are building on. With the two integration, pNetwork has now integrated with 15 blockchain networks. Yay! 🎊

Algorand article

Fantom article

Currently, BTC holders can start moving their assets and interacting with dApps in the Algorand network. This creates big opportunities for BTC users to interact with fast-growing dApps in the Algorand Network.

As for Fantom Network, users in the Fantom Network can now start moving their assets to the Ethereum Ecosystem. This will let Fantom users enjoy doing degen stuff in the Ethereum Ecosystem.

3) Tech team London gathering

On the 16th of May, the tech team gathered in London to discuss tech roadmaps and work on the migration of pBTC v2, integration of Algorand and Fantom networks, and more. As for the roadmaps, let us share some sneak peek of what is to come 😏:

1) Postman

2) pTokens Insurance

3) pNetwork Analytics Improvement

Of course, other BIGGER stuff is happening, but sadly, we can’t share it…YET 😝

So continue to support and follow us for more updates in the future.

Anyway, besides just grinding it out, the team didn’t forget to have a fun bonding session to destress. Here are some snippets of our team just chilling and having fun.

Team bonding via bowling!

How can you work on an empty stomach?

pNetwork Ecosystem growth

The pNetwork ecosystem is constantly growing with new integrations, increasing users, and our peg-in and peg-out volumes. We would like to share some highlights of our ecosystem growth in this section of the article.

Peg-In/Peg-Out Volume

pNetwork’s goal is to be the number one cross-chain facilitator in the blockchain ecosystem. That being said, we are constantly working hard to provide a seamless experience for users in various blockchains that we have integrated to move their crypto assets from one blockchain to the other. Recently, there was a huge Peg-In worth 30 million USD. This is a big achievement for us as it shows users are using our cross-chain features to move assets around different blockchains.

Blockchains and Bridges

To date, pNetwork has integrated with 15 major blockchain networks. We are proud to say that pNetwork is the very few bridging protocols to have achieved 15 blockchain integrations! Yippee-Ki- Yay. This is only the start for us. We are in talks with more blockchain network projects, and we will continue to be the go-to cross-chain bridge for users.

Other than integrating with Blockchains, we have also worked with projects in helping them create bridges as well as liquidity mining activities.

Overall, pNetwork’s ecosystem is growing, and there are more and more projects approaching us to integrate and collaborate with.


Basically, April was a solid month but May has been phenomenal for pNetwork. The roadmap discussion has certainly brought forth a strong roadmap for the next few months (so stay tuned 😉) to having Algorand and Fantom integration. Moving forward, the only way is up for pNetwork and we would like to always be thankful to our community members for constantly supporting us. As the degens likes to say, TO DA MOON! 🚀🌛

About pNetwork

The pNetwork is the underlying architecture for pTokens, a cross-chain system enabling assets to move frictionlessly from one blockchain to another, and pNetwork Portals, powering cross-chain interoperability between smart contracts. Currently, pNetwork enables transparent interaction among major blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Dogecoin. pNetwork is the progressively decentralized governance layer operating the pTokens bridges and pNetwork Portals. It is home to the pNetwork DAO and the ecosystem’s governance token PNT.

Link to pTokens dApp:








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