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pNetwork Ecosystem Report: April 2022

Hello pNetwork Fam!

Welcome to the first pNetwork Ecosystem Report. The Ecosystem Report is a new initiative by pNetwork to do a monthly summary of the progress for the month, which will help the community to get a better understanding of what the project is doing.

Since this is the first report and it is the month of May, let us recap what pNetwork has achieved or is in the process of doing from January 2022 till April 2022.

Summary of milestones from January 2022 — March 2022

  1. Surpassed $1 Billion in cross-chain volumes — BTC, CGG, PNT, and TLOS were the top assets. 🍾🎉
  2. pNetwork’s coverage pool was activated on Tidal Finance.
  3. Won Tranches Battle organized by Idle Finance resulted in pBTC being added to Idle Finance.
  4. Collaboration with Noku and Chain Guardians to create Hexagons Game, a multi-chain social media-based NFT game.
  5. pNetwork’s own NFT called Yolo Parrots dropped on Binance Marketplace. 🚀
  6. Community members and Yolo Parrot NFT holders can now stake 10 Yolo Parrots NFTs to become a pNetwork node. (This is a second option for members to become a node. The first option, community members have to stake 200k PNT tokens to become a node)
  7. New multi-chain nodes feature. — pNetwork nodes can be set up in both Ethereum and BSC networks.
  8. New bridge setup for KEYS token between Ethereum and BSC ecosystem.
  9. Added support for Telos EVM within pNetwork
  10. pNetwork accepted into Polygon’s Liquidity Mining 2.0 campaign.
  11. Launched a USD 1,000,000 bug bounty program for pNetwork in collaboration with Immunefi. Click HERE to know more. 💪

Highlighted pictures:

So what happened in April 2022?

April has been a pivotal month for pNetwork and its community.

Firstly, there was PIP 16.

PIP 16 sees significant changes to the reward distribution process. Previously, users claimed PNT rewards via the Ethereum network. This claim process has been ongoing for more than a year until the pNetwork team received feedback from the community to move the distribution network to another network.

More changes came from PIP 16. To know more, read HERE.

Secondly, the pNetwork team went to the Devconnect Amsterdam conference to meet up with partners and friends and to further increase their relationship in the Blockchain Ecosystem. Furthermore, there were pNetwork team members within the Hexagons Protocol project, which was the winning pitch for the ETHAmsterdam Hackathon.

Highlighted Pictures:

Devconnect Amsterdam

Dinner with friends from other projects

Thomas Bertani pitching Hexagons Protocol in ETHAmsterdam Hackathon

(Thomas pitch link: HERE)

Thirdly, the pNetwork team constantly finds new networks to increase its multi-chain reach to various networks in the Blockchain ecosystem.

pNetwork will be adding support for the Fantom Network within its multi-chain routing system.🍾

With the addition of Fantom Network, pNetwork now enables seamless cross-chain connections across 14 different networks, including a variety of L1 blockchains, Ethereum L2 solutions, and sidechains. This means that users can now move tokens from one network to another instantly without crossing so many bridges.

(Currently, this feature is still ongoing and will go live soon 😀)

Project collaborations and integrations

As of date, pNetwork is working with various projects in various ecosystems. Please see a list of projects that we are working with:


The pNetwork team has been working hard since the start of 2022 to improve its products, features, collaborations, and partnerships to ensure a seamless experience for our users. Overall, we are happy to see such a vibrant and diverse community supporting us since day one. We hope this report will give you a clearer picture of how the team has been working, and we thank you for your constant support.

May the Force Be with You.








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