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pNetwork X NUCO

pNetwork is excited to announce the launch of a new pTokens bridge for NUCO, enabling the asset to move across the Ethereum and Telos blockchains. is a decentralized computing cloud for people who want to benefit from pure, responsible, and sustainable cloud computing power. 🎉

Through the pNetwork-powered bridge, it is possible to bridge the existing Nuco token (called NCDT) to its representation on the Telos chain (called NUCO) and vice versa. The NUCO token aims to give back to the community by giving them access to purchasing computing power at a discounted price.

(Try out the bridge HERE)

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Tobias Adler, the CEO of, said that he is excited about the collaboration. It will play an essential role in making $NCDT and $NUCO more accessible for users. Exposure to the pNetwork community will also help the team in their mission to build a global cloud computing community.

“Our collaboration with pNetwork will help us bring together the best of two worlds. The pToken based on Telos, $NUCO, is meant for miners due to its low transaction fees and speed; $NCDT (ERC20) will stay for existing exchange listings. With the pTokens bridge, we can bring the benefits of these two technologies together. “

What is pNetwork?

pNetwork is a multi-chain routing protocol for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming, counting over $ 1 Billion in cross-chain operations processed across 14 different networks and safeguarding 100M+ in TVL.

The protocol enables the cross-chain movement of assets (example: wrapped Bitcoin on Ethereum), NFTs, and data across L1 and L2 networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, among others.

pNetwork is home to the pNetwork DAO and its governance token PNT.




What is is a distributed computing cloud with various products. It’s like a car-sharing app for computing power and the first blockchain project in Germany ever to receive a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Economics in 2018 and again from the DLR in 2022. The mission is to create the future of decentralized cloud computing, where everyone can benefit from the global community.

Their products allow you to monetize the unused computing power of your phone, computer, or server. Miners profit by earning rewards in $NUCO.

They offer products for individuals, small companies, and large enterprises.


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pNetwork is a decentralized network powering the pTokens solution

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