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Presenting pNetwork’s Updated Roadmap

pNetwork roadmap updated

In recent months we experienced the launch of multiple independent protocols and scalability networks as well as the explosive growth of new verticals such as on-chain gaming and NFTs. The fast-paced evolution of the blockchain ecosystem results in an increasingly multi-chain world. The future work of pNetwork is directed towards enabling on-chain gamers, DeFi enthusiasts and NFT collectors alike to seamlessly take advantage of the opportunities each of these ecosystems has to offer.

Following the introduction of pNetwork v2, we are happy to present pNetwork’s updated roadmap!

An open-source protocol for cross-chain routing between blockchain ecosystems and scalability networks, pNetwork v2 is an enabler for the project to focus on contributing to the growth of some of the biggest blockchain-powered trends.

Below is a sneak peek of the main innovations pNetwork is committed to for the next few months.

pNetwork v2 roll out

An open-source protocol for cross-chain routing between blockchain ecosystems and scalability networks empowering cross-chain applications. pNetwork v2 aims to continue innovating in the field of cross-chain routing by pioneering cross-chain interoperability features for dApps. By enriching and expanding its previous set of features, v2 is an enabler for the project to focus on contributing to the growth of some of the biggest blockchain-powered trends (including DeFi, NFTs and on-chain gaming).

pNetwork v2 is a technological improvement over the previous version that sets the basis for the project to grow beyond the simple asset tokenization. This aims for the flagship feature of pNetwork to be evolved into a seamless movement of liquidity for users to take advantage of DeFi opportunities across multiple blockchains, while enabling pNetwork to tackle new challenges in the on-chain gaming and NFTs worlds among others.

Algorand integration

“The Algorand Foundation is excited to partner with pNetwork to bring easy cross-chain interoperability a step closer” — Sean Lee, CEO of the Algorand Foundation

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, the development of alternative financial platforms is on the rise — a critical component for those to succeed is assets’ liquidity. Via pNetwork, Algorand will support top cryptocurrencies that are pegged 1:1 to their underlying native versions and are transparently transferred from one blockchain to another. That is, financial applications building on Algorand can access the larger crypto market and open up to the flourishing DeFi ecosystem.


An evolution of pNetwork Portals, Postman is a new service part of the pNetwork ecosystem that simplifies the development of cross-chain applications. As a messenger, Postman delivers data from a smart contract on any blockchain to a smart contract on any blockchain. Hence, it can power a variety of use-cases including cross-chain oracles, gaming dApps and transfers of NFTs.

Postman is an abstraction layer for pNetwork Portals, that makes it easier for projects to build natively cross-chain applications. That opens up opportunities and enables pNetwork to be a one-stop solution for all-things cross-chain. When integrating pNetwork v2 x Postman projects get seamless support for:

  • Multi-chain Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Multi-chain on-chain gaming
  • Assets and liquidity transfers across DeFi platforms on multiple networks
  • Multi-chain oracle
  • and more.

Postman comes with a revised pricing model that rewards the essential work of pNetwork nodes.

pNetwork NFT collection

A customised NFT collection designed to welcome NFT enthusiasts and crypto-natives alike in the pNetwork ecosystem. Underneath each vibrant artwork, the pNetwork NFT hosts a direct link to the world of cross-chain DeFi, on-chain gaming and more.

The pNetwork NFT collection gives holders access to:

  • a vibrant artwork
  • on-chain gaming
  • the option to generate fees from running a pNetwork node
  • free access to top-tier (16%) cashback via the Eidoo Card programme
  • the possibility to redeem the PNT tokens wrapped within the NFT itself.

The pNetwork NFT collection enables the project to tackle the fast-growing NFTs market and attract a new audience that creates positive growth for the ecosystem as a whole. According to, the NFTs market counted $2.5 Billion in sales during the first half of 2021 alone.

Multi-chain pNetwork DAO

A key component of pNetwork’s decentralization roadmap, the pNetwork DAO is the fulcrum of the project’s governance.

The pNetwork DAO was initially launched in July 2020 as the first major step towards decentralizing the system, encouraging community participation and removing exclusive governance powers from the core team. Over the past year, the functions of the pNetwork DAO have expanded to include staking functionalities for node operators to execute nodes and for external community members to open voting proposals.

The pNetwork DAO evolves into a multi-chain decentralized governance tool enabling community members to participate in governance voting proposals from outside of the Ethereum mainnet. While the main DAO infrastructure remains on Ethereum, DAO members will have the option of choosing where to interact with it from hence they will be able to opt for a more gas-efficient ecosystem should they prefer it.

Additional security audit(s)

In collaboration with industry-leading firms, security audits additional to the standard recurring auditing process are performed and released.

Oracle support via Postman

The flexibility of the Postman component enables additional functionalities such as the support of an oracle system. That results in a routing protocol that enables data transfers from the real-world and across a variety of blockchain protocols, therefore connecting traditional industries and data endpoints to the innovation-driven multi-chain world.

Adding to the one-stop solution for all-things cross-chain, the multi-chain oracle enables projects to fetch real-world data similarly to how they interact across blockchains. This is designed to expand what projects can build on each blockchain, by combining the unique features of each protocol.

pNetwork v2.5 (MPC) on testnet

An important step of pNetwork’s progressive decentralization roadmap, Multi-Party Computation is used to enable the distributed signing (via a threshold signature scheme) of cross-chain operations (such as peg-in and peg-out operations) among the network nodes. The use of Multi-Party Computation enables the nodes to cooperate in performing these cross-chain operations after each party has independently verified the external blockchains’ conditions.

pNetwork DAO v2

An evolution of the previous setup, pNetwork DAO v2 includes a variety of additional features and possibilities for its DAO members. It leverages a completely new structure that makes the interaction from multiple blockchain networks seamless while enabling advanced functionalities such as vote delegation and off-chain voting among other innovative elements.

…and more

pNetwork is committed to continuing building and innovating within the blockchain ecosystem. It is the project’s priority to continue growing the network in order to create a liquidity and data routing system for all blockchains.


Keep an eye out for pNetwork’s reference wallet and enabler of the pTokens-integrated crypto debit card, Eidoo. Updates for the pNetwork community are coming on that front too!


To get involved and stay up to date:

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pNetwork is a decentralized network powering the pTokens solution

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