pnpm v4.9 comes with command completion!

Zoltan Kochan
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2 min readJan 31, 2020


Command completion in bash, zsh, fish is awesome! Unfortunately, even though there are thousands of great command-line tools in the npm registry, I cannot recall any (except the npm CLI) that comes with command completion.

A few weeks ago nikoladev suggested to implement autompletion in pnpm. After a brief investigation, I have found a brilliant tool that helps with autocompletion of CLI apps written in Node.js. This tool is called tabtab and is currently not maintained, so I forked it and added autocompletions to pnpm👌.

To set up autocompletion, just update pnpm to v4.9 and run pnpm install-completion.

Let’s see what you can do with it.

Type pnpm <tab-tab> and see all the available commands:

Type pnpm remove <tab-tab> and see the list of dependencies currently installed. This also works with pnpm update and pnpm outdated.

Type pnpm --filter <tab-tab> and see the list of projects in the workspace:

Type pnpm run <tab-tab> and see the list of available scripts:

Type any command, type tab-tab and see the list of supported options:

Type an option and see the possible values:

And these are just a few examples! Happy tabbing😃

In a future version of pnpm we will also add descriptions to completions😍