Blockchain Infrastructure: POA Network Partners With Infura

POA Network is proud to announce a new partnership with Infura, for enhanced blockchain infrastructure support. Infura will support POA’s main network by providing reliable uptime for POA nodes. This will be the first time that Infura has provided access to nodes for a sidechain project. It is a great step forward for POA’s mission to grow the Ethereum ecosystem.

POA Network is an open, public, permissioned blockchain based on the Ethereum protocol that offers an open source framework for smart contracts. POA Network was developed with the aim of addressing issues that the Ethereum ecosystem is currently facing such as scalability and governance. Infura, part of the ConsenSys umbrella, is an Ethereum and IPFS node service provider that processed more than 7 million Ethereum transactions last year. For over 2 years, Infura has provided thousands of DApp developers with reliable and scalable access to Ethereum nodes. Infura helps bootstrap new p2p infrastructure solutions such as the POA side-chain by acting as a reliable bootstrap core to accelerate the growth of new P2P networks.

“With the Infura partnership, users of POA can rest knowing that access to the network or POA DApps like the POA Bridge will always be available. The addition of the Infura POA nodes adds another layer of decentralization as it removes the POA R&D team and POA network from being the sole providers of the POA nodes. When it comes to interoperability between Ethereum and POA networks, having both network nodes on Infura will provide a consistent user experience and further add to the decentralization of the network” said Ziggy Zeidan, the developer evangelist for POA R&D team.

What does this mean for users:

Since the launch of POA Network’s main net, POA users were accessing POA nodes through The partnership between POA Network and Infura allows users to access POA nodes through as their primary method. This will ensure reliable uptime for developers to create and run DApps on the POA Network.

Over the next couple of weeks, POA Network will be providing video tutorials and updating the support portal for guiding users on how to connect to the POA nodes in Infura. This will include updating the Metamask custom RPC nodes address and also selecting the correct network through MyEtherWallet.

About POA Network

POA Network is an Ethereum-based platform that offers an open-source framework for smart contracts. Towards the end of 2017, POA Network launched its own blockchain utilizing a new and unique consensus mechanism known as Proof of Authority (POA). POA leverages an independent group of validators who are all licensed public notaries around the United States which increases security while enabling a method of governance on the blockchain. POA Network is scalable, secure and cheaper than other projects, aiming to provide a platform for small and medium businesses. For more information please visit .

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About Infura

Infura is a blockchain infrastructure service, providing developers with direct and scalable access to Ethereum. It was established in 2016 with the goal of delivering stable and reliable RPC access to internal projects within ConsenSys. As the Ethereum network began to grow and captured the majority of blockchain developer mindshare, we recognized that Infura would be of broad interest to the entire ecosystem.

Infura publicly launched at Devcon2 in Shanghai and has been growing ever since to meet developer demand. Today, Infura is a core infrastructure pillar of Ethereum and IPFS and is enabling decentralized applications of all kinds to scale to accommodate their users.



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