Farewell Token Wizard 2.0 - Time to Reprioritize

As many of you are already aware, in late 2017 we released the open source Token Wizard to the public to simplify the technical setup that comes with crowd fundraising smart contracts. The Token Wizard, built on Authio platform, provided a unique interface that allowed users to simply enter their fundraising parameters resulting in a much more efficient crowd fundraising setup process.

The Token Wizard is a free tool that has been used by thousands of projects, has over 300 stars on Github, and has been one of our most used projects.

As per our technical roadmap, we were planning on adding new functionality to this tool in 2019 with some examples including integration of additional operating networks, different crowd sale parameters such as a Dutch Auction, new UI, and much more. A lot of resources and time was spent on developing it, however at this point we’ve decided to take a proactive approach and halt the development of Token Wizard 2.0. This is mainly due to regulatory uncertainty regarding these types of tools and we’re eagerly awaiting on some clear direction from the necessary authorities. Please note the current version of the Token Wizard is an open source tool and will still be available on GitHub but will not be supported.

We’re happy to see regulatory bodies step in recently and begin cleaning up the space. We believe that by establishing a set of rules and standards that everyone is accountable to is how the overall blockchain industry will be able to move forward and create value for years to come.

Instead of the Token Wizard 2.0, POA Network will be shifting its efforts on improving the tools that are most actively used by our community such as:

  • BlockScout: New features to be added which include future support of new tokens types, new networks and much more
  • TokenBridge: More updates coming for our interoperability protocol
  • A new HBBFT based protocol consensus.
  • And more!

We have a lot of exciting initiatives in the works and are planning on releasing a much more detailed post regarding POA Network’s plan for 2019.

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