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How To Make Your Own POAP

What is a POAP?

What is a “You’ve Met Me” POAP?

A POAP that Patricio Worthalter gave away in Miami — December 2021.

Why issue a “You Met Me” POAP?

  1. They create records of your relationships with distant friends.
  2. They create a network of your significant encounters.
  3. They give you a path to giving back to your early supporters down the road.

Step 1: Create your Image

  1. Start by choosing one of the following templates:

Step 2: Upload to Back Office

  1. Go to poap.xyz/admin
  • You’ve Met John Berry at NFT NYC 2022.
  • You Met Ape #4135 at APE FEST 2022.
  • This POAP represents the moment you met John Berry at NFT NYC in 2022.
  • We aped around at APE FEST 2022 together. Signed, Ape #4135.
  • Many users will choose a “Start Date” to be a few days before the event and the “End Date” to be a few days after the event.

Step 3: Review your Email

How to Distribute your POAP

What is the POAP Kiosk?

Step 4: Set Up Your POAP Kiosk.

  1. Head to https://qr.poap.tech
  2. Click “Create QR Dispenser”.
  3. Upload your mint links .txt file you received via email.
  4. Review the information and enter your email.
  5. Ensure that “no” is selected for “Enable Anti-Framing Game”.
  6. Click “Create Dispenser”.
  7. Congratulations — you have set up a POAP Kiosk!

Using Your POAP Kiosk.

  1. Locate your “Public QR Dispenser Link” this will be on the previous URL and will also arrive via email.
  2. Open your Public QR Dispenser Link on your phone when you are at an event and want to distribute your POAP.
  3. All the collector needs to do is scan the displayed QR code with their phone to claim their POAP.
  4. Have Fun!

Step 5: Have Fun!



Proof of Attendance Protocol

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