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POAPs Next Chapter

As many of you know, POAP has become a key building block for events — both physical and digital — to reward their community for their participation.

Just a few weeks ago, POAP hosted its first Gitcoin Grant campaign — raising 8,059 DAI from 128 unique contributors.

First and foremost, we would like to give a special thank you to each and every one of you, as this project is entirely driven by passionate community members such as yourself!

Now, you may be wondering — we’ve got 8k in the bank, what are we going to do with it?

In this article, we’ll be diving into two exciting new features we’re working on — ultimately adding to our larger goal for POAP to become much more than a collector's item.

Meet POAP Vote (left) and POAP Chat (right)


For those who have visited one of the hundreds of notable Ethereum events, you’ve likely received a POAP either as a part of your check-in or at one of the dozen events taking place outside of the conference or hackathon.

Now what if you could use those POAPs to govern subsequent event locations, food choices, and afterparties?

With POAP Vote, anyone can create a poll which can only be voted on by specific POAP holders.

To provide a clear example, POAP Vote could allow organizers to issue a poll for next year’s DevCon location — limiting voting to those who attended DevCon 5 in Osaka last year.

Sneak peek at POAP vote ;)

Thanks to Ben DiFrancesco and the ScopeLift team, we’ve built a custom app that allows these unique voting schemas to become a reality. The POAP Vote idea is one we’ve had for quite some time, and it’s a perfect use for our generous Gitcoin Grant donations.

Regarding the project, Ben commented:

“I love the approach POAP has taken in focusing first on building something that is easy and fun to use. People love collecting NFTs! It’s been awesome to help POAP take the next step in building real utility on top of that playful product. POAP Vote is a pragmatic app communities can use to take the pulse of their members. I’m excited to see how it’s put to use in the wild.”

As the product continues to evolve, we’re exploring different ways to integrate quadratic voting, namely by assigning different POAPs different weights. Long story short, the primitive of creating restricted, trustless voting campaigns is quite powerful :)

But, that’s not all we’re working on!


Perhaps one of the most exciting angles of web3 is the capacity to create permissioned gateways using NFTs and token at large.

With POAP Chat, we’ve built a tailored solution that allows moderators to restrict specific channels, groups, and discussions to those who hold predefined POAP badges.

We’re currently exploring Discord as our first integration, largely focusing on channel-specific permissions to help drive creativity among different POAP holders. Check it out!

Thanks to the BuidlHub team, POAP Chat is quickly evolving into a tool for any community manager to up their private channels with a little web3 spice!

Mike Coon — a cofounder of Buidlhub added:

“We love POAP’s use of NFTs for access control. Using it for exclusive access to chat channels is a great example of using blockchain to enhance features of a traditional web platform like Discord. We look forward to seeing this used to unlock features in other platforms in the future.”

With all of this in the pipeline, it’s sure to be an exciting couple months for POAP :D

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out private betas for both of these initiatives and need supporters to help us iron out the kinks.

The best way to stay on the lookout for this is by joining or Discord or following our Twitter, where we’ll be sharing any and all POAP magic as soon as we can.

In the meantime, POAP is continuing to spread its reach despite these trying times through a suite of virtual events.

We’re silently preparing for the next Ethereum circuit and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

Until then, stay safe and POAP on!


How do I know this is safe?

Both of these features are non-custodial. There is no transfer of assets and we’re simply reading a wallet balance to scan for existing POAP holdings.

How much does it cost to use these features?

For both of these awesome features, setup costs are minimal. The only costs are those associated with calling smart contracts, meaning you’re looking at $5 or less to get started :)

Who can use these features?

Once live, all of these features will be live to anyone who finds value in them! We’re currently searching for pilot partners so if you’re excited to be one of our first users, please reach out!

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Thanks to POAP & DeFi Dude



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