5 tried and tested behaviour management ideas for teachers

Anna Whiteley
Sep 26, 2019 · 3 min read

Behaviour management is difficult. It takes time and patience to develop effective strategies. There’s no magic wand. What works for one class, might not work for another so the best way to approach it is to be fair, consistent and find strategies that work well for you and your class.

Here are 5 tried and tested ideas that are fun, simple to introduce and most importantly get great results!

Blurt beans — These are great for a chatty class. The idea is that each child starts the day with a few beans. If they blurt out in class, then they lose one. At the end of the day, all the beans that the kids managed to hold onto go in the incentive jar so they can work towards an awesome reward! Read more about how it’s done here.


Secret student — This is such a great way to get the whole class on their best behaviour. At the beginning of the day, you select someone to be your ‘secret student’ and put their name on a note in a box out of reach. The class don’t get to find out who it is until the end of the day. If that student had a good day they get to take a certificate home and get a reward. Read more.


Download a free secret student certificate to use.

Quiet critters — These adorable little critters appear on the desk of every child, but they’re very sensitive to noise so if the child is too noisy or silly then they disappear! Find out how one teacher uses them in her classroom.


Code word of the day — If your class constantly start moving, fidgeting with pencils or talking before you’re ready to begin the session then give them a code word each day. They can’t move until they’ve heard it. Find out more.


Build a rainbow — This is a lovely positive visual for behaviour. Each child has their own rainbow to build. They get a new piece of the rainbow each time they are caught going the extra mile for good behaviour. Once they have a full rainbow, they get to visit the ‘Pot of gold’ prize box! See how it works.


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