8 anti-bullying displays to foster friendship in schools

Anna Whiteley
Oct 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Bullying is a major issue for schools and there are oodles of great resources out there to help educators combat it. To further promote friendship and kindness in your school, a display in a frequently visited area can be a valuable reminder to pupils that bullying behaviour will not be accepted and prompt more positive behaviours.

We’ve gathered 8 of the best anti-bullying displays we’ve seen to spark your creativity and give you inspiration to craft your own displays round school.

Don’t be a bully, be a star.

This star display shares an important message to your class.

Credit Pinterest

A pledge against bullying.

Have everyone in your school make a pledge to take a stand against bullying and create a striking display.

Credit Pinterest

Have you filled your bucket today?

This colourful creation encourages pupils to fill their buckets with good thoughts and feelings.

Credit Little Mrs Preschool

Plenty of fish

Celebrate differences in your school with this awesome aquatic idea.

Credit Pinterest

Bullying stinks!

Encourage your class to dump those hurtful words and actions with this amusing display board.

Credit Pinterest

Bug off bullies

Make it clear to your pupils how your school feels about bullies with this cute spidery display.

Credit Pinterest

Superheroes stop bullying

Create heroes not bullies in your school. This super display will empower your pupils!

Credit Pinterest

A tree of friendship

Prompt discussions about what makes a good friend with a friendship tree.

Credit Primary Displays

For heaps more creative inspiration check out our Pinterest Boards or if you have an ingenious idea for beating the bullies, share it with us @HeyPobble.

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