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Oct 29, 2018 · 4 min read

How many people usually see a child’s writing? The teacher? Their classmates? Occasionally, their head teacher and parents? It’s an important question, because genuine constructive and positive feedback on their work fills children with confidence and makes them want to write more.

Leaving comments for kids is such a powerful motivator, spreading happiness and pride in abundance. Our Pobble schools enjoy that kind of happiness and pride daily: pupils receive comments on their writing from friends, family, teachers and authors both in their school community and from other schools around the world. It’s these comments that boost their writing motivation.

Read Abigail’s story

The bond with their teacher is important for a child. Their teacher sees the progress they make throughout the week, term and year. They can provide such valuable feedback on each individual child in their class.

Read Isaac’s recount

In most schools, it’s rare that the Headteacher gets to read the children’s work. Let alone for them to interact with the children about it. On Pobble, it’s so simple for SLT and school governors to get an overview of the recently published and contribute to the school’s celebration of writing.

Read Samantha’s diary entry

A comment from their own teacher is exciting enough, but a comment from another teacher in a school around the country takes the confidence boost to the next level!

Read Daisy’s instructions

Parents should be able to see their children’s work proudly shown off whenever they like, rather than having to wait until parents’ evening. Pobble provides a unique opportunity for parents to engage with their children’s learning journey.

Read Imaan’s story

It’s not just parents that get to see the writing on Pobble. Anyone can log on and have a read allowing aunties, uncles, grans and granddads an opportunity they wouldn’t usually get. When we talk to children, they tell us that the comments they value the most are from family members.

Read Finley’s poem

Think of the pride the child feels when their work is displayed in class, now imagine how it feels to be displayed to the world! It’s always extra special when a comment from another country appears.

Read Emily’s poem

Peer to peer assessment offers children a unique opportunity to engage with others in their class and across school, but also with students all around the world. Kids are brilliant at motivating one another. (Check out the use of the word Pobbleished, brilliant! Get that in the dictionary!)

Read Aqsa’s instructions

We’re very lucky at Pobble to have award-winning published authors like Jon Mayhew supporting what we do. It’s awesome when a school has used their books for inspiration and they leave a comment on the work!

The power of comments like these is undeniable and best of all, all comments that appear on our Platform are approved by the Pobble team. This gives teachers and parents peace of mind and great basis for e-safety lessons.

Pobble’s commenting facility allows visitors to structure constructive, well-considered comments and with pupil logins available the children have the confidence and responsibility of having their own accounts whilst learning what is and isn’t safe and appropriate.

Want to give it a go in your class? Request a free demo today.


More writing. More progress. Tens of thousands of primary school teachers use Pobble to teach writing. And… save time in the process! | | |

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More writing. More progress. Tens of thousands of primary school teachers use Pobble to teach writing. And… save time in the process! | | |

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