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Anna Whiteley
Jul 16, 2019 · 3 min read
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Pobble is an approach to teaching writing that is used by tens of thousands of teachers each day. We provide teachers with everything they need to teach writing; great resources, linked to real handwritten examples, peer to peer commenting, writing and moderation tools.

We know implementation of school-wide initiatives isn’t always easy. That’s why, when you become a Pobble school, you’ll have the support of our Customer Happiness Team. Our team take customer happiness very seriously. We support our school communities with step-by-step action plans, training days, online training videos and supporting materials and we’re always on hand. We love to interact with Pobble users and always welcome interactions with our community. With that in mind, we thought we’d give you a little insight into our team. Who we are, what makes us tick and most importantly why we love Pobble so much!

Meet Anna

Who are you?
Hi! I’m Anna Whiteley, and I’m Head of Digital Marketing for Pobble. I’m a social media savvy, brand ambassador, content manager and Pobble evangelist!

How long have you been with Pobble?
I was invited to join the Pobble (then LMYL) team back in 2013 after working alongside Tom and Simon at Grove Road Primary School in Harrogate for 7 years. I was lucky enough to see the platform in the early stages of development before proudly becoming their first employee and watching Pobble grow and evolve into the incredible platform it is 6 years later.

What is your role in the team?
I’m Pobble’s voice on the internet, advocating their mission to make the teaching of writing easier and motivate and inspire more children to write. I manage the digital content strategy and creation, overseeing their social networks, blog and newsletter. I work closely with the rest of the team to ensure our fans and followers are kept up to date with all the latest Pobble related updates as well as sharing the best teaching ideas and resources.

How does your role help schools?
I carefully select the content I choose to share on our social channels. I like to focus on positive ideas, plans and resources that will truly benefit and inspire school communities. I love writing blogs that provide practical teaching and parenting ideas. I’m also a huge advocate for using social and digital technologies in the classroom and like to support schools by offering suggestions for integrating these into school life. Over on the Pobble blog you’ll find my posts about designing a social media policy for your school and using Twitter to support classroom work, amongst others.

Why do you work for Pobble?
From day one, I could see what an exciting mission the team was embarking on. Benefiting so many children and teachers and making a real difference. I’m constantly inspired by my team mates and colleagues. It doesn’t really feel like work when you have a role that you love.

What is the best part of your role?
I get to spend my days connecting with teachers, schools and parents online. You’ll usually find me on social media, it’s awesome to interact with so many incredible educators and share the work they produce with our community and beyond.

Follow Anna on Twitter @_AnnaWhiteley

Have a question for the Pobble team? Drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook or email us

We’re all passionate about writing but fun is also a major part of life at Pobble. Even though we are not in the same room every day, it’s great to feel the energy when we are. It’s great to regroup and share stories of our Pobble adventures around the world. You can see what we get up to behind the scenes by following Team Pobble on Instagram.

If you’d like a quick demo of Pobble and to hear more about how we work with schools, then drop us a line.

✏️ More writing. More progress. ✏️

Anna Whiteley

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Anna Whiteley

Written by

Freelancer 👩🏻‍💻| Owner @_SwaySocial 📱| Voice of @Pobble 📝| Social Media advocate | Reader | Writer | Creator | Taker of photos 📷 | Proud single mum ❤️


Pobble provides award-winning digital tools for teaching writing. The platform was founded by a group of UK teachers to improve the teaching of writing and help build children’s confidence. Today, more than 100,000 teachers use the platform.

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