Why Pobble 365 is a must have for teachers!

Louise Robinson
Aug 28 · 3 min read

If you’re already one our 100,000 (plus) teachers who use Pobble 365 every month, then no doubt I’m preaching to the converted. If you haven’t already heard of it, get ready to ask yourself how you ever managed without it!

Hook the pupils

As teachers, we are always looking for interesting ways to hook children into writing. We don’t always need to transform the classroom into a crime scene or viking village and it costs a fortune to invite special visitors in. We need something engaging at our fingertips on a regular basis. After all, ‘writing’ is on the daily agenda!

Cover all bases

Enter Pobble 365. Are you teaching a grammar or punctuation activity discretely, generating adventurous vocabulary? Want to deepen children’s thinking through a great discussion or creating a piece of writing? Pobble 365 will support these every day of the year — hence the title of the website.

Starting with a weird, wonderful and/or thought provoking image, you and your pupils will be inspired to write creatively. There are 365 images to choose from leaving no chance for boredom! With images that capture alternative viewpoints of fairytales and interesting set ups with super heroes to animals losing their habitats in safaris and rainforests to mythical creatures causing madness and mayhem as well as many many more, the writing opportunities are endless!

If the image itself doesn’t spark a thousand ideas, simply scroll down and use the activities we provide. Use them as they are or as a starting point for something even bigger.

Begin with a discussion, answering the questions underneath the image; improve the ‘sick’ sentences that are given — a quick, simple and fun way to cover that grammar, punctuation or spelling objective; attack the sentence challenge either as new learning or a bit of revision and to finish with, create a short/extended story using the story starter provided.

Real writing

Many of the images also link to examples of real children's writing. The work has been written by children from all over the world and published on Pobble.com. Speaking from experience, when children are exposed to other children’s writing, it automatically encourages them to see themselves as writers. Using these as examples, children will be inspired and usually want to take some of the ideas for their own writing.

As well as this, it provides opportunities to learn from others’ mistakes. We all spend hours providing examples of our own with deliberate mistakes for children to edit and improve, yet having a real example to use is an invaluable tool to support this type of learning. With thousands of pieces of writing on the website, all searchable by age, genre, objective, topic and book title, it really makes teaching writing easier. As a Pobble subscriber, you also have access to a bank of the best pieces from each year group to use in your lessons to support any aspect of the writing process.

Put simply, Pobble 365 is a must have in every classroom; I would not want to manage without it. Give it a try! You discover 9 other inventive ways to use Pobble 365 in your classroom here.

Did you know that you can search Pobble 365 and even find thousands of WAGOLLs, exemplar texts and teaching ideas on Pobble.com? School leaders: book in a short call here to find out more!

Try Pobble 365 today!
Try Pobble 365 today!

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