Company Description

KAFKAS is the top-selling Greek company in the field of electrical equipment, lighting, industrial, energy solutions and technology. The company employs 470 people, maintains excellent relations with more than 300 suppliers, and serves more than 5,000 customers on a daily basis.

The Challenge

KAFKAS employees are wide spread all over Greece to different retail stores and they are not registered to a centralized database of the organization because they do not use a common work email. As a result, if someone wants to contact an employee he has no way to find contact details and reach him.

The Solution

In order to face these challenges KAFKAS started using Pobuca ENTERPRISE. Now all of employees’ contact details (even those who have not a work email) are stored in Pobuca and everyone can access thie common contact lists. Most of the employees are using the Pobuca mobile app since they are on the go when there is a need to communicate. From the total set of features, employees are mostly using the advanced access roles & permissions and Caller ID.

Total Users — 164 | Sessions up until now: Web sessions — 512 iOS sessions — 1,287 Android sessions — 4,550

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