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Company Description

NIKAS was founded in 1966 as a point of departure for one man’s vision to create unique cured meat products based on GOOD quality and top safety. Today, after more than 50 years, the company is still creating and offering not only quality but also safe cold meat products. Loyal to its long tradition, NIKAS has established its place around the family table offering tasty, quality and innovative products for the whole family and for any time of the day.

The Challenge

NIKAS was sharing business contact details through a common Gmail account. This tactic had many issues especially regarding security. Each time a salesman or employee left the company the administrator had to change the password of the account. That made the process of sharing and accessing business contact details very dysfunctional and time consuming with high admin cost

The Solution

In order to solve this issue NIKAS started using Pobuca PRO. Now all of employees’ and customers contact details are stored in Pobuca and everyone can access the common contact lists with no admin cost. Most of the employees are using the Pobuca mobile app and from the total set of features, they are mostly using the advanced access roles & permissions and Caller ID.

Total Users — 47 | Sessions up until now: Web sessions — 14 iOS sessions — 227 Android sessions — 1,776

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