Pobuca Product Updates Vol.2

(Date: 3th July, 2017)

What‘s New on Pobuca✌️🏻

We are continuously making Pobuca better to meet your business needs and expectations!

Below you will find our brand✨ new features.

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Enhancements for ALL users

Reminder to call coworkers & organizations: Now, in Pobuca mobile apps is possible to set a reminder to call a co-worker or organization. Note: This feature is the same as in contacts. Try it for FREE, here.

Snooze/Edit reminder: If the reminder’s notification is alerts to call someone you have the ability to snooze and edit it with the corresponding button. Snooze the notification for 10 minutes or edit it, to change the day, time, phone number etc.

Enhancements for Pobuca PRO & ENTERPRISE users

Teams: Now, you can use Teams for better segmentation of contacts. When you add a new contact select to be part of a team or more teams. You can select the ones you want to share with the contact you want. You only change the accessibility of the contacts you have created/imported.

Invite only mode: Pobuca is all about sharing but we understand that you need some privacy. With this feature only the administrators of the organization can invite co-workers. To enable this feature, you have to be the Pobuca admin. Get Started here.

Manage private contacts of revoked users: When a user is revoked, Pobuca admin has the ability to assigned user’s contact to someone else. Otherwise admin can turn these contacts to public.

Contributor: In the co-worker’s panel a new security role has been added. The contributor user role allows users to add new contacts and organizations. Note: The contributor has the permission to update and delete only the contacts/organizations that are created by him/her. Download now!

Active directory support on mobiles and web app: With this feature, users can sign in with their own organization’s credentials. These credentials can be from their PC, e-mail etc. Note: The organization should be registered & activated in Pobuca.

Stay Tuned for upcoming enhancements 🤜🏻 🤛🏻

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