Employee Self Service App: Empower your Workforce

Employee Self Service App

HR personnel are constantly perplexed with the challenge to enhance efficiency and offer better services to employees. Deploying a cloud based HR software and mobile employee self service app will work as excellent saviour for your business and HR department to retain happy and contended employees.

The app offers complete liberty to your workforce to check as well as update their records such as marital status, change of contact details/address, educational qualification, dependants, family details, etc. ensuring that all the employee data is up-to-date and accurate.

What more? The app allows your employees to request for payslips, leave details, claims status, tax calculations, etc. Also, helps the HR staff to check employee availability status and sends them automatic notifications to help take timely and appropriate action for addressing the constantly inflowing and diverse requests of employees.

Here is a rundown on all the manifold benefits of having an employee self service app for your business.

· Empowers HR personnel to offer satisfactory service to every employee in your company without the need to increase HR workforce headcount.

· Cost-saving! One of the prominent benefits of having a mobile employee self service app from a cloud based payroll software is reduced costs to deliver seamless payroll and human resource services.

· Seamless communication! With access to self-service app, communication becomes smooth and hassle-free reducing the number of e-mails and telephone calls to and from the HR department.

· Single and unified platform for all your critical HR data. Offers trouble-free navigation and access to all your employees irrespective of their location 24x7.

· Self service app empowers employees to punch in and out of work right from their smartphones and tablets even when on the go. Thus, reducing the burdens of HR personnel in maintaining time and attendance manual. Seamless integration with biometrics.

· Employees can access and check payroll and tax deduction details without the need of bugging payroll and HR personnel saving a great deal of time for your entire HR department.

· Employee self service app allows employees to submit requests for leave and receive responses for the same on the go. On the other hand, HR managers can review these requests in real-time and respond accordingly. Employees also can check their attendance and time history.

· Increased productivity! As you empower your employees to manage their personal information on their own, they have complete liberty to do so per their convenience without disturbing the HR personnel. Thus, your HR staff will experience a great surge in productivity, since they no more will be engaged in maintaining employee information saving them abundant of time.

· With increased productivity comes better profits meaning your business will gain tangible profits after the deployment of a cloud based HRSM solution and self service mobile app.

· Traditional employee self service solutions require software installation and might turn out to be an expensive affair, whereas a mobile self service app on the other hand, is fully cloud based offering unmatched flexibility and mobility. The result is significant reduction in total cost of ownership for businesses specially small and mid-sized enterprises. Hassle-free and easy to use!

· With instant access to all the critical HR and payroll data, self service mobile app helps boost employee retention rates, facilitates efficient communication all through the company enhancing employee productivity significantly.

Thus, having employee self service app for all your employees is a smart move to stay ahead in today’s cutthroat business environment and in providing unmatched services to your workforce.

To know how a cloud based HCM software and employee self service app can uplift your business, surge productivity, increase employee retention and satisfaction levels, feel free to contact us today!