HR manager tips: How to develop strong relationships at work?

Smart Tips For HR Manager

When a person joins as a senior HR in a company, the first few months are crucial, since it involves developing and strengthening relationships with the CEO, senior managers and employees. So what is it that an HR manager to kick-off with the right foot? Here are some leadership tricks to develop strong bond at work.

As a new HR manager, you ought to be careful especially during the first few months to make an impact within the company.

This is because as a new manager, you will have to learn a lot about the company and its protocols. You will have to lead a team of professionals and build solid working relationships with them.

While many managers tend to perceive it as an easy job to do, you need to make efforts to get yourself on the same page as others in your company. Don’t sway from change, as change is the only thing constant in the universe. This goes apt for a newly appointed HR manager, as he/she might have to confront several changes during the initial phase.

Below are a few steps and tips to help you:

Think before you act

A foremost thing to bear in mind is to look and think before you leap. Don’t just rush into things. Observe your surroundings and understand the process before you act. A common mistake many new HR managers make is to jump right into things without giving second thoughts.

Assuming you have all the answers is the worst thing to do. While you might be right about the course of action that you intend to take, but you have to remember that you are a leader. You need to build stable relationships with employees, peers and your own team. A golden rule is here to “Work with them not against them”.

Focus on learning

Educate yourself before you start with your duties. You should look as how the HR department works within your company. This includes taking a look at the hierarchy, the structure, HR/payroll technology or software in use, the people as well as their special skills.

In addition, take out some time to educate yourself about the business and its strategies. Identify future HR challenges and resources or technology that could be a benefit or a problem. Build good relationships with both the CFO and most importantly, the CEO of your company.

The most important relationship that you need to develop as an HR manager is with your CEO. It might be hard to get this done right, but it will pay off better in long-run.

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Originally published at on March 12, 2016.

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