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Building up a business empire has grown up from being a simple rat race to a game of chess. You have to plan and strategize every move of yours. With the right strategy, you win, but you invite a checkmate for every wrong strategy. Hence, every step taken in a company needs to be planned and proof tested, and the same implies for the HR team.

An HR’s main task is to maintain right people with the right skills at the right time, which calls for efficient planning. For this, the HR needs to:

  • Identify: Firstly, for any HR, it is important to know the capabilities of the current working staff, figuring out weakness and ultimately finding solutions to those weaknesses.
  • Train and develop: The training and development program can be of great help for the employees to come over their weakness. Moreover, it can also help a fresher or the newly promoted employee to work more efficiently.
  • Forecast future requirements: In accordance with the growth of a company, it is important that the HR knows when the company may need more hands to work. This is why strategizing the recruitment process for the same becomes important.
  • Track Performance: Tracking performance is another important aspect that needs to be strategized by the HR, as who can do well if provided a better opportunity, planning appraisals and promotion. On the other hand, firing or demoting the unwanted staff.
  • Expense management: Though expense management depends upon the accounts team, but a skilful HR can also help reduce the expenditure up to some point. For instance, hiring skilful people at lower salaries, smart planning for tax and PF deductions

But “to err is human” and so mistake can happen with the HR when manually planning every process, which may as said earlier can prove to be a “Checkmate” for the organization.

Again, an intuitive and efficient human resource management software like Pocket HCM can be the perfect solution to carry out the strategy process with ease. With Pocket HCM’s performance tracking feature, employee details management (including resignations applied through employee self service portal), report generations, etc. can make the complex planning and strategizing process a cakewalk for the HR.

Thus, Pocket HCM aids your HR with strong tools to strategize and build a strong business empire.

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Originally published at on February 22, 2016.

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