Password protected payslips in HR Software

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As we know payslip is a very sensitive part of an employee’s salary and as per any organization’s rule, it needs to be confidential. To protect the confidentiality of the document, the HR needs to password protect the payslips. This very integral part of payroll processing can be achieved with few simple steps with cloud based Pocket HCM solution in India.

To use this feature in Pocket HCM, go to Reports >> Statutory >> Payslip

After clicking on Payslip, the following screen will pop — up

Here the users can preview the slip and also generate a PDF file with or without password. This also helps in payslip leave details and tax worksheet which can also be previewed and generated.

Let’s have a look on these version below:

A. Preview

2. Worksheet

B. PDF generated payslip

  1. With password: Check the check box for the option “Generate PDF with password”. Click on preview button, the below message will popup

Browse on the above link and open the pdf, upon which the file screen will ask to enter the password

The password to be entered to open the payslip will be the first 4 letter of your name, DOB in format mm/dd/yy. This format can also be changed later as per user requirement.

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Originally published at on January 9, 2015.