Pocket/Figment P-Rep to airdrop new POKT token to the ICON community to launch ICON-DI

Shane Burgett
Sep 16 · 3 min read

The ICON Decentralized Infrastructure (ICON-DI) is the largest development initiative proposed by any P-Rep, which decentralizes how DApps connect with the ICON network while generating rewards, and now Pocket/Figment will be airdropping the POKT token to jumpstart ICON Citizen Node adoption. POKT is a new utility token being released in 2020 to monetize decentralized blockchain infrastructures and will be the core reward of ICON-DI. ICONists can receive POKT airdrop ahead of its public launch for free by supporting ICON DApps with an ICON-DI Node.

A Free ICON-DI Node for ICONists

ICON-DI, ICON Citizen Nodes, and POKT all work together to create a balanced ecosystem. Here is how they work together:

  1. An ICON Citizen Node joins ICON-DI by running an ICON-DI Node
  2. ICON-DI Node owners stake a required amount of POKT to begin servicing ICON DApps
  3. An ICON-DI Node receives POKT rewards each time an ICON DApp uses it to connect to the ICON network

By participating in the ICON-DI Airdrop Program, Pocket/Figment will airdrop the required POKT for immediate staking, bypassing the need for ICONists to buy POKT for their ICON-DI Node. These ICONists will be ready to generate rewards from Day 1 for free. This is Pocket/Figment’s way of rewarding those that contribute to ICON’s decentralization.

Join the ICON-DI Airdrop Program

ICON-DI Airdrop Program will only be available to an estimated 500 ICONists (the exact number is subject to change). ICONists can compete in a “first come, first serve” race to be an eligible airdrop recipient. Let’s get ICON-DI to 500 nodes as quickly as possible!

How to ensure your spot in ICON-DI Airdrop Program:

  1. Run an ICON-DI Node in Q1 of 2020 (more info coming)
  2. Pass ICON-DI network tests for an allotted period of time (more info coming)
  3. Join the Pocket/Figment Telegram channel to get first hand information and updates

Though anyone will be able to participate ICON-DI after it’s launch, there are the advantages of ICON-DI Airdrop:

  1. Receive free airdrop of POKT with token launch in 2020 (no POKT purchase required)
  2. Generate POKT rewards from day 1 of launch
  3. Be part of decentralizing ICON’s DApp ecosystem


Pocket/Figment is committed to making ICON DApps fully decentralized and offering an ecosystem that rewards ICON Citizen Nodes. ICON-DI is not just an upgrade to decentralizing ICON DApps, but allow the ICON community to participate in the ICON network and monetize their own Citizen Nodes. The ICON-DI Airdrop Program is Pocket/Figment’s way of rewarding the ICON community for expanding the security of the ICON network through ICON-DI.

***** Learn more about ICON-DI at p-rep.community/icon-di

***** See Pocket/Figment’s other initiatives at p-rep.community

***** Research P-Reps at p-rep.community/p-reps

Listen to the recent Rhizome Podcast to hear more about ICON-DI and the POKT airdrop: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6w0OUwtqFbJIwIilgRmU5L

To keep up to date about the POKT airdrop, please join the Pocket/Figment telegram

EDIT: Wording has been changed to embrace a pure “first come, first serve” mechanism. First qualified ICON-DI Nodes that pass network tests will be first in line for the POKT airdrop.

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