Our company’s ambitious vision for ourselves — and for the global personal mobility landscape

Pocketgo Technologies
Jul 16 · 5 min read

At present stage, it is easy to think that Pocketgo is a car subscription service, and nothing more than that. But our dreams are much bigger than that. While subscription in itself is incredibly innovative, we have further ambition to employ the concept of “an open platform” to creatively transform the culture and ideas surrounding personal mobility.

We, Pocketgo Technologies, have an ambitious vision to change the personal mobility landscape of the world.

This post is a mission statement — one that perhaps, we could look back at ten years later with beaming pride — that announces our vision for not only our own company, but also for the global personal mobility landscape.

Our vision.

  1. Pocketgo aims to provide an easy-to-use yet fun mobility experience to people anywhere, anytime. We plan to achieve this by establishing a complete mobility service platform with built-in mobility services, which will be an extension of the subscription services that we currently provide.
  2. As a mobility service platform, Pocketgo will be available to anyone who has a brilliant idea, and wants to develop that idea into a tangible mobility-added service product. It is also open to anyone who wants to “make money” by supplying vehicles. Simply put, it will be a completely open platform.
  3. To achieve this, Pocketgo will provide two things for developers and suppliers:
  • Mobility SDK, so that third parties can develop mobility-added services, such as Maas (Mobility-as-a-Service) or mobile games. Examples could include, but are not limited to, new kinds of car usage services (e.g. a subscription service dedicated to electric cars), mobility co-offering service (spacesharing + carsharing), car rentals exclusive for foreign travel, games designed to be played using physical cars, and anything that is beyond our realm of imagination.
  • Mobility App Store, which would host these third parties’ mobility-enabled services and applications to be accessed by other users.

3. Pocketgo will be able to predict demand with great precision by analyzing mobility service usage data, so that vehicle suppliers can be more adaptable. This will additionally make their businesses more scalable and add elasticity.

4. By utilizing Pocketgo’s platform to supply and lend vehicles, the automaker will be transformed into a smart mobility provider from a car manufacturer. It will have increased visibility in regards to mobility usage, which would, in turn, enable cost reduction and diversify the sources of revenue stream.

For a clearer perspective, this is a diagram of what we envision:

This plan is composed of two different parts. First part is our open platform (the demand-side of our plan), and the second part is our VAR program (the supply-side of our plan).

1. Our open platform.

The central idea of our vision revolves around this concept of an open platform, by which we mean simply, that Pocketgo as a company will not be the only ones participating in transforming the personal mobility landscape.

This is in parallel to a previous innovation that has already occurred with the mobile phone. The transition from a simple PDA to the current “smartphone” that we all use today was brought by Apple and Google’s strategy to openly embrace the efforts of outside developers and creators — people who, with all their different perspectives and experiences, created services beyond anyone’s individual imagination — using the mobile platform put in place for them to enjoy.

We believe that the personal mobility market can undergo a similar, albeit slightly different transformation. The current models working in the personal mobility in the market are largely limited, precisely because the car producers/product providers only use their own platforms to service their own products. This is like the PDA a decade ago; they only put applications engineered by themselves on the mobile phone.

Pocketgo, however, envisions something much different, much more convenient. We believe mobility applications and services could be better served by an open platform provider — one which we hope to become — that in turn, allows all creative ideas regarding personal mobility to flourish. Users would able to access all kinds of mobility applications and services through Pocketgo as well, transforming the landscape together.

2. Our VAR program.

Our VAR program is the second component of our future Pocketgo mobility landscape. VAR stands for “Value-Added Reseller,” by which we mean, well, literally that. Considered to be the supply side of our plan, the VAR program also seeks to genuinely diversify the kinds of methods by which cars can be supplied.

Simply put, this is also an open platform, in a slightly tweaked manner. Our VAR Program enables anyone to be a car supplier who can supply their own cars. Initially, Pocketgo will supply cars to individuals through our subscription service (hence, our current subscription service exists — it’s part of a larger plan). Later, we plan on launching a “marketplace” platform (coming, likely, within this year), which will allow these subscribed individuals to resell and trade the cars under conditions that they choose.

Furthermore, Pocketgo is not going to be the only car supplier either. We also have third party suppliers, who can also have their own VAR programs and put cars into the “marketplace” accordingly. Pocketgo thereby achieves a more effective distribution of vehicle inventory and greatly expands the available supply of cars as well, adjusted to meet demand accordingly.

VAR partners can immensely benefit as well from participating in our mobility service platform. They can get additional profits, as they can receive transaction fees every time an exchange occurs with their own product on the “marketplace.” Through the additional supply put in the market, Pocketgo can, in turn, provide mobility services more efficiently and grow much faster than other centralized systems.

In short, we envision a personal mobility landscape in which everyone participates — and everyone benefits. Welcome to the world of smart mobility.

We know that this will also be an ambitious endeavor to undertake, but firmly believe that this is the right, and yet, the most innovative direction in which we could head towards.

And we ask you to join us on our journey.

Pocketgo Technologies

A technology-driven startup, building the next generation of mobility service.

Pocketgo Technologies

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We are a technology-driven startup, building the next generation of personal mobility service. Visit https://pocketgo.app.

Pocketgo Technologies

A technology-driven startup, building the next generation of mobility service.

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