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How to Create PocketPay Solana Address?

We noticed participants are not registering their PocketPay Solana Wallet addresses, which is compulsory to participate in PocketPay Mainnet Airdrop Campaign. This guide may guide you to adopt PocketPay 🤗

First, you need to download PocketPay mobile application, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

iOS ~

Android ~

Video Guide to create a new Solana address.

Already have Solana Wallet?

You can export your existing Solana wallet to PocketPay.

Is PocketPay Secured?

Performance Testing

Have Questions? please ask your questions freely on the telegram group at

About PocketPay Finance

PocketPay is a mobile wallet built on Solana Blockchain and completely integrated with SolanaPay payment solutions. User can transact SOL, USDC and all SPL token, store NFTs, explore the world of DAPPS and use SolanaPay to make real-time payments offline and online.

By adding DeFi features to PocketPay wallets, such as Swapping, NFT Collectibles, NFT Marketplace, DAPPs, and news sections, PocketPay is expected to thrive.

In addition to that, the eCommerce startup launch program is a new initiative from PocketPay that will assist Startups and individuals with great products in launching them on EasyPay Startups Launchpad.

PocketPay aims to integrate eCommerce abilities in the wallet itself to provide offline and online vendors the power to sell their merchandise utilizing the EasyPay section of the wallet. PocketPay will empower startups to launch their products on Pocket Launch, where PocketPay will help startups to convert into a brand. Our integration with SolanaPay will help users to quickly make payments for their purchases.

Learn more about PocketPay Finance by visiting or email us at

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PocketPay Finance

Smart mobile POS wallet for Solana with multiple DEFI features. Whitepaper & Devnet Releases in Feb’22.