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Insights into the features users prefer in a Mobile Wallet Based on the Solana chain

Well, the PocketPay launching date is coming soon, and we don’t want any unturned pages left. PocketPay wants to provide its users the best experience while using the app, and therefore we conducted a Twitter survey asking the users what features they expect in a crypto wallet based on the Solana chain.

PocketPay is devoted to providing you with the fastest and safest non-custodial crypto wallet to allow the users to store their Solana-based assets/tokens and make the transactions seamless directly on Blockchain in a completely decentralized manner. PocketPay comes with amazing features, and however, we wanted to make sure our community finds everything they are looking for in a crypto Wallet with PocketPay.

With this survey, we wanted to get familiar with our users’ expectations regarding the Solana-based mobile wallet and improve our services to reach their expectations. And believe it or not, we got THE best response from our community and much-needed recommendations.

Well, here are some of the responses we received that we found extremely helpful. Let’s take a look.

Swap and Withdrawal Feature

PocketPay already has an in-built swap feature where SPL tokens can be swapped with the available liquidity pools. Additionally, the PocketPay app is primarily built on the Solana chain with support to all SPL tokens and digital assets in NFT. PocketPay’s current roadmap includes NFT collectibles and the NFT marketplace. Swap is already a part of our wallet.

However, withdrawing cryptocurrency to fiat is not in the plans as we are limited to DEFI.

Mobile Airtime top-up

Buddy, your wishes are going to get fulfilled with PocketPay. PocketPay is planning to avail Mobile top-up feature with EasyPay, as a part of the wallet in the future roadmap.

Easy Login

PocketPay is all about ease and pace. The phrase and Mnemonic section is the security part of the Blockchain to backup and restore the wallet. The face recognition and the finger touch feature will be available to the PocketPay wallet once the wallet is created or restored.

In-built Features

We really appreciate your suggestion. Everybody wants an app filled with exciting features to make their work seamless. Currently, PocketPay possesses most of these features. Dark / Light mode is available on the PocketPay app interface.

PocketPay wallet has Dapp with news and partners listing is available on the DAPP section. And, the stack and Earn feature is under development for the mobile app.

Although Price alert is not part of the wallet as we don’t have an exchange feature, we’ll consider it future on-demand.

As we know, fast load time is in high demand. (Duh!) PocketPay Load time is at the max optimized level, and we will be using Solana cluster RPC pools for better speed in a transaction.

Fast and Cheap Exchange

As we know, Solana Blockchain had already completed more than 33B transactions at 65k TPS (transactions per second). With 1074 validator nodes, the average transaction fee is 0.00025 dollars. BTC’s average TPS is around five, ETH’s is around ten or twelve. Solana is a true winner here.

And PocketPay is a Solana chain-based non-custodial wallet. Solana cluster API’s transaction will be faster than usual on max optimization status. At the moment, we don’t have any plans for the exchange, but we will consider having bridges between multiple Blockchain in the future.

You can easily earn additional crypto with PocketPay’s staking feature with PPAY is available in the current roadmap.

Local Wallet Connection and Automatic Fee Scaling

As of now, PocketPay is exploring autoscale feature for transaction fees.

PocketPay aims to broaden its network across the globe and make the app compatible with all-region. With the EasyPay feature of PocketPay, it is possible to connect with local wallets, and we are planning to explore all the possibilities of APAC region countries based on legal status.


We understand that security is the biggest concern among everyone, especially for wallets. When it comes to security, PocketPay is fully committed to providing our users THE best security options available as our wallet holds users’ assets.

PocketPay is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, so all the private keys and mnemonic information is stored on user devices. Also, when you access the app, it will always ask for the app access password. It won’t allow anyone to bypass this screen, and only a person can access who has the password.


We greatly appreciate the support we received from the community. As a result of our Twitter Poll, we received a great deal of insight into the expectations of the community. Nevertheless, we are unable to cover them all, so here are some honorable mentions that speak for the whole community.

In anticipation of PocketPay’s upcoming launch, we want to ensure that everything runs smoothly and is completely user-friendly.

As always, we are grateful for the support of our community. We hope that they will continue to support us throughout the entire journey.

However, if you do have any concerns or want to share something cool, you can always reach out to us at hello@pocketpay.finance.

Project Status:

Technical documents are under final check, and the devnet will be released in January 2022.

PocketPay is a secured and all-in-one DAPP built on Solana that will allow the community to use cryptocurrency as their priority payment method that they can use on any retail store simply by scanning QR codes.

With PocketPay, users can manage their assets and pay for purchases, among other tasks, like Staking, Swapping, and managing NFTs.

For further information about PocketPay or Mobile CryproWallet, contact us at hello@pocketpay.finance.

Useful Links:

Website: https://pocketpay.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocketPayFin

Telegram: https://t.me/pocketpay_chat




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